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Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising Review

Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising is a sequel expansion for the RTS hit. For 20 bucks you get hours of playability and a challenging story mode with a few new upgrades. While I was proven wrong on how good Dawn of War 2 was I was anxiously awaiting to see how the expansion was going to play out. The original DoW had a very good story that was true to the Warhammer 40k mythos. With the original DoW having three expansions all expanding on story or gameplay I new what to expect when I began playing Chaos Rising.

Taking place one year after the Tyranid Invasion, Chaos has come into this plane of existence. Out of nowhere, Aurelia is sucked into “The Warp” and time in the warp has aged the world considerably, roughly a thousand years. When it comes back into the plane of existence there is an active Blood Ravens signal. Gabriel Angelos dispatches you and your old team to investigate the beacon. Chaos Space Marines are the Chaos counterparts and they mean business. Hell bent on pleasing the Dark Gods and eradicating those who worship the False Emperor. However, something does not seem right about how Chaos knows so much Blood Raven intelligence. It appears there is a traitor among the Chapter and the culprit will astonish you.

Complete with twists and turns the story of Chaos Rising works and it is very clear it is a sequel. One of the best parts is the fact you can import your data from the previous title to keep your equipment, units and unit levels to help aid you in the game. This brings in massive play value as u can continue the story with your original team. You will face Eldar, Tyranids, Orks and of course Chaos Marines.

In Chaos Rising there are many changes. Not so much has changed for gameplay as there was nothing wrong with it. It plays about the same with added equipment, skills, units, and a Corruption/Redemption system that effects the ending of your game. There are a total of five endings to Chaos Rising, Full Purity, Purity, Neutral, Corruption, and Full Corruption. Full Purity is the hardest one to get while Full Corruption is the easier ending. Different missions have different objectives. Some, like killing fellow Space Marines or destroying Space Marine Monuments give your squad Corruption points, pulling them closer to chaos. Others like side mission such as saving Space Marines or capturing objectives will increase your purity ranking. This also affects the equipment you use. Some weapons and armor are only equip-able if you are redeemed (pure) or corrupted. Corruption tends to favor melee attacks while pure tends to favor ranged attack. Certain missions require you to deploy certain characters or they will gain corruption. This plays very nicely in terms of mythos. Space Marines, typically Blood Ravens, seem to always become corrupted and switch teams to favor the Chaos. It seems to be who changes is the thrill.

The new weapons are some that are essential to the 40k series but did not make an appearance in the previous game. The brutal melee weapon Lightning Claws make an appearance for Terminators as well as your Assault Marines. Meltas, the devastating weapons engineered to bring down the toughest tank are also introduced. All weapons have their Terminator and Dreadnaught equipment. The addition of a new class, the Psyker is a welcome addition. Jonah is a master of utilizing the Warp to benefit himself and his allies with deadly precision. Because he is a ranged fighter, he can be rather fragile and with a limited amount of spell slots to use you must choose wisely. He has his own equipment and accessories as well.

Last Stand returns with two new characters, Tyranid and Sorcerer (Chaos). You can also play with people who do not have Chaos Rising which widens the pool for applicable players. There are achievements linked to Chaos Rising as it acts like DLC. VS Multiplayer is available if you are into that kind of thing. There is also Co-Op and on the higher difficulties, you will need all the help you can get. However, there does not seem to be a Co-Op matchmaking which is a disappointment. Scour the internet I am sure you can find a buddy to play the game with.

With new missions, equipment, skills, story, and enemy you are sure to love Chaos Rising if you enjoyed the first game. There is easily 10+ hours of single player available and you will need to be as strategic as ever. You have not faced something like the forces of Chaos before. Will you succumb to the darkness? Or becoming the beacon of hope? I give Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising an 8/10. While the amount of new content i

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