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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Review

Dark souls Prepare to die edition, The name says it all. Prepare to die…a lot.  Dark souls is a fantasy action rpg  developed by From Software and Bandai games. One thing That I came to realize rather quickly in dark souls is you can’t just rush in all guts and glory sword drawn ready to cleave your enemy in two. You have to be patient and use strategy, plan your moves. The enemy is smart, drawing you into hidden groups or trying to knock you off the edge to your death. The game is vast and free roaming and you have no map, so in that you have to rely on memory, which is kind of a nice change reminds me of older rpgs.

You play as an undead, locked in a asylum left there to rot until the end of the world, when someone drops a body into your cell. On that body is the cell key and you start on your journey to escape the asylum and find your destiny .Whichever class is all up to your choosing from a mighty warrior, a cunning thief, a powerful mage, or many other choices. The base class you choose is really only a starter, being that you can level your character to how you seem fit. You level up in the game by gathering souls, you can get souls by defeating enemies or pillaging corpses. When you have enough souls to level up you can go to a bonfire and spend your souls rest and refill your Estus flask, which are basically health pots. A new feature that differs from Demon souls is Humanity, the more humanity you have the more flask you have, the better resist, and item discovery you have. You turn humanity into the Bonfire to get the bonus’s. When you die you must go back to where you died and retrieve you bloodstain to get back your souls and your humanity. If you die again before finding your blood stain, your humanity and souls are gone and it’s back to square one again…well at least you keep your gear and levels right.

The enemies is this game are hard, I know I have said this before but I can not stress that enough. There were a few times I found myself cursing at the creators of this game. But in that it say’s they did their job, Making a game that will ,make you work for your reward and I applaud them for that. With one hundred types of enemies each with their own tactics and skills. Each one offers it’s own challenge and a different way to take them down. From dragons to gargoyles, to evil giant butterflies the variety is immense.

There were a few things i did not like about the game however, first off this game is unbearable to play on the keyboard at least it was for me. Using a controller made the control so much better and the game became playable. Another thing this has always upset me about ports from console to PC, but if your going to use a keyboard why doesn’t the company change the Xbox button controls to keyboard so you don’t have to sit there for a minute trying figure out that push right stick to target is O. I know you can look at the key binds and change them to what you wish. But it would be Nice if they programmed it to say target press O instead of what it is on a Xbox controller. But then again you would just be using a controller in the end anyway.

But in the end I must say that this game is for someone who want’s a challenge and believes that games have just gotten way to easy The game is fun and rewarding and will make you rage a few times but in the end it is well worth your time and effort. The lore of the world is rather interesting and keep you pushing to learn more. The combat is a nice change to the traditional whack whack dead games I have played in the past. I look forward to seeing more from the company in the future,

8 out of 10

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