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Dai Mahou Touge Review

WARNING: Do not let this picture fool you. This anime is stupid violent,bloody and disturbing. If heels to the forehead and more broken bones than a Tekken ryona makes you queasy, please fall back.

What if I told you there was an anime about a Magical Girl from a different dimension studying humans from high school? Okay, that’s slightly believable, but what if I told you this girl has several people trying to kill her and usurp her throne(Of course she’s a princess too), but she fights back with sentient vegetables, a dog, and submission wrestling? You would commit me to an insane asylum. Hell, I’d commit myself had I thought of such a thing before watching this Anime. But as Japan has proven time and time again, anything is possible. Even the insane.

Here is a picture of the main character breaking a gang member's neck so hard she pukes. Your welcome.


Dai Mahou Touge stars Punie Tanka, princess of the magical realm. Before she can become Queen, however, she must transfer into a Japanese High School and study humans. Of course, there are people trying to kill her and take her place, because the Anime has to at least appear to be normal. Then, as they say, shit gets real.

This is one of those anime where everything is so stupid and random that you have to laugh to stop yourself from wondering whats happening. Everything has to be absolutely over the top. It’s amazing how the show consecutively outdoes itself with something even less sane the previous episode.

You don’t believe me? Here is the plot to Episode 5: Punie does not know the answers to a test. We’ve all been there before. Just wing it. Not Punie-chan. Punie decides that if she fails, she will take the entire universe with her, so she summons a giant,nuclear,magic bomb that will explode and destroy everything if she fails…which she keeps directly behind her desk, and almost no one even cared to ask why a nuke was no casually sitting in the back of their classroom.

No wait, it gets better. To combat this, her dog, after calling up an old vietnam war buddy, flies in and begin firing a chaingun directly into the classroom with a bomb that could blow up the entire universe, hitting several students in the process. During this mockery of the rational, Punie erases someone’s name on their test and turns it in, receiving full credit.

Pictured: Your face after every episode.


In its defense, the show is hilarious; I spent just as much time laughing as I did questoning sanity. The fight scenes are also quite entertaining. Watching Punie run through a demon and a gang of school girls is a sight to behold.

That being said, its not perfect. The bone-breaking sound effects, while admittedly well done, will absolutely stay in your mind for years to come. Punie’s fight with Elise von Barberoque was one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard. It was so bad one of the characters watching literally passes out.

Everything that happened after this image burned into my subconcious.

If you can stomach the gut wrenching sound effects, Dai Mahou Touge is a hilarious romp where nothing is sacred. There are only 8 episodes, running about 12 minutes each, so if you need a laugh on Sunday morning, you cannot go wrong with an anime where a potato committing suicide with a knife and students dueling during field day is nothing short of average.

9.5 Broken Bones out of 10






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