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Daedalic Releases New Screenshots for Alcatraz Adventure



Decades after its closure, Alcatraz remains America’s most famous and iconic prison. An island fortress a few miles from the mainland, its name still inspires a mixture of fear and awe.

It’s also one of the settings for 1954: Alcatraz, an upcoming adventure from Daedalic Entertainment. Full of the art and writing that Daedalic has become famous for,1954 Alcatraz is a crime story, a love story and a noir-ish thriller.


Hamburg, November 4th, 2013. Today Daedalic Entertainment releases new screenshots from its upcoming noir Point-and-Click adventure 1954: Alcatraz. The screenshots take you to the dark, gray walls of the legendary US prison Alcatraz and San Francisco’s bay of the 1950s.

1954: Alcatraz takes place in San Francisco during the 50s and tells the story of Joe, who’s serving a sentence of 40 years for armed assault. Of course, he’s eager to escape ‘The Rock’; but he needs the help of his wife, Christine, to have even the slightest chance.

She, however, has her own heap of problems: The couple’s partner in crime, Mickey, threatens to kill her, if she doesn’t bring him the heist’s hidden loot. But where is the cash? Only Joe knows, while all crooks of North Beach take their chance at the great opportunity. Who will win the race for the dough?

No convict ever escaped the prison island of Alcatraz; and is it really that much better in the vice-ridden city, where drug deals, blackmailing, suicide and murder are daily business?

The player’s choices will directly influence the course of the story, resulting in surprising twists and different endings.

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