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Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Review


Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is the sequel to the game Corpse Party(If you can call it a sequel. It’s more like they just remade the first game with only a few differences.). You still get to play as the same characters(and a few new players)but other then that the game has taken a complete 180.

http://storage.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/screenshot_0001_thumb.jpgA cool feature that they added is the Bonus option. In the bonus menu, the game will search for saved data from the previous Corpse Party and will unlock features. One of the features is called the Gallery of Spirits meaning any “anime” pictures that you come across in the game and some from the previous game are available for you to view and even screenshot! Bloody gore and all!

Ever think that the music is beautiful and you want it? Well, thanks to another feature, you can have the music! All you have to do is beat the chapters. The cursed phonograph plays the music alone with a slide show the pictures you have unlocked so far. The E.V.P. Machine is the best as you can listen and create conversations using any of the games voice files(An evil mind will find too much joy in that). Finally the Soulful Testimonies feature will let you listen to small commentary for the games voice actors.


There are 7 chapters to the game and in each chapter you play as different characters. Some of the chapters are extremely short and some are long and complicated. Instead of being labled as Chapter 1-7 this time XSEED has added names. The chapters are as named:



Now on to the controls, they are completely different from the ones we are used to. Some good and some bad,


Corpse Party movement

The movement control is one of the bad changes. You expect to be able to move like you did in the first game, be able to run around really feel like your lost and try to dodge the scary shit, like that little bitch boy, but instead you get to move via a map and your exploring turns into a point and click. The way they made the point and click is like Phoenix Wright, you can’t miss anything cause the red cross-hair will glow blue when you are seeing something important.


A good change in controls is the dialog. If you remember when you died you weren’t able to skip that dialog you heard millions of times but this time is different. Whether you have heard the dialog or not, you can still skip it making the game become shorter but also so much easier to bear. If you choose to skip the entire dialog, you will become lost, mentally and physically in the game. So unless you died and heard the dialog before, its not recommended that you become good friends with the fast-forward button. Did I mention…

NO MORE CANDLE SAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right, instead of looking for a stupid candle all you have to do is press triangle and boom saved. You can save anytime! So when having to make a choice and you choose wrong just simply press triangle and load up the saved game and BOOM back on track to beating that ass.


The graphics have changed dramatically and in a good way. Instead of a body just being a pile of bones, fresh kill or not, you can see the detail of how they were killed and their last moments were. In the other game, key items were easy to see as they made sure they stood out. Now it’s hard to see and find the key items sometimes. It can be a pain because one missed item and your completely lost and frustrated.


Most sequel games do change and they mainly change for the good. But this game did try it’s best to make it easier. But who wants an easy horror game? That just makes things not scary. Although the ambiance is much much much more frighting, especially with headphones, I wouldn’t recommend spending $20 on this game. I would wait for the price to go down, but I am telling you to get the game.

Corpse Party should have two more games to go and lets see if they decide translate it and let the rest of us enjoy series.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows


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