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Contrast Review

The story takes place in a 1920’s Paris environment and is the story of young Didi who has an imaginary friend that no one can see. Didi lives alone with her mom and her only friend appears to be her imaginary shadow friend. As her imaginary friend you can only see the shadows and hear the voices of the real people she interacts with and you help Didi’s “means-well” deadbeat dad with his last- chance circus venture in order to fix the broken marriage between her mother and father.


Contrast is a mixture of 3D and 2D platforming that plays with shadows in such creative and interesting ways. Several puzzles will require you to manipulate light sources and other objects in order to put shadows right where they need to be. A few of these puzzles can be a bit of a  challenge to figure out, but most don’t require anything more than a deep breath and some patience to figure out. Some of the controls can be a little tricky to get the hang of though ,such as the shadow dash. Since a wrong step can abruptly knock you out of the 2D shadow plane. There’s no penalty for falling to your death, so there is the upside at least.


On the PS4 at least, Contrast has it’s issues such as when picking up, or putting down crates. I frequently got stuck in one place only able to spin in circles when trying to pick up or interact with objects. A quick dash would usually get me out quicker but when your standing on a small ledge, a dash i usually the last thing you want to do. Hopefully a patch will be released to fix this. I can’t speak for the glitches on the other consoles, but i have been told the PC version does not seem to have these issues.

It’s a beautiful game and the music for it is surprisingly good, but i was surprised at how short it is. Just when i hit my stride and got the hang of all the controls it was suddenly over.

Contrast is a pretty fun game and for those of you how have PS4’s it’s well worth the free download for PS Plus members. I’d have to give Contract a solid 7/10 because it is fun and has a bit of a challenge in it.

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