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Combustion Overload – Thunder Wolves Coming to PSN

Who doesn’t like helicopters and high-power explosives? Trick question. Everyone does. Thunder Wolves has more pyrotechnics than an ’80s hair-metal concert, and it’s coming to PSN in North America on August 13, 2013.

Thunder Wolves is helicopter-combat inspired by classic arcade games and action flicks – back when plots were paper-thin, guns never needed reloading, and everything exploded on impact. And, with local co-op as a pilot and gunner duo, you and a friend can even double-team the opposition.


Adrenaline-junkie mercenaries for hire, the Thunder Wolves will take any mission head-on, destroying everything between them and victory. More info:
http://www.mwent.hu/games/thunder-wolves or

Key Features
• Helicopter flight-mechanics meet arcade-style action.
• Nine helicopters with individual strengths and weaknesses.
• 13 missions, from seek-and-destroy to stealth operations.
• Local co-op featuring one player as pilot, one as gunner.
• Destructible environments erupt in the onslaught of firepower.

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