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Colorado Cutthroat is on! LET’S ROCK!


Are you in Colorado? Well if not, bring your ass! Colorado Cutthroat Connection has prepared a two-day event filled with video game tournaments, celebrity panels, and cash prizes to be held at the University of Colorado in Denver at Tivoli Building. Don’t know what C3 is? Well, Cutthroat Con is a convention that was created to help bring the community together to enjoy a safe and family friendly event that provides unique entertainment and education in the form of all gaming avenues; such console gaming, card gaming, tabletop gaming, as well as PC gaming. Tournaments such as the newly official sport ‘League of Legends’, and many others will be available for all to participate in. The convention is designed to educate attendees on all aspects of gaming by using fun and engaging activities, such as panels and workshops, ‘casual gameplay’ and intimate meet & greets with celebrity guests!

Oh, did I mention that Justin Wong will be there this year? Yep! The former World Champ himself, Justin Wong will be there to meet everyone and hang out with up-and-coming champs!

‘Cutthroat Con’ is estimated to have attendees in the thousands; ranging from college students to entire families- all interested in participating in a community of people invested in the world of gaming. All activities during the weekend will be available for everyone to enjoy. Pre-registration for the event is available and can be completed from C3’s website (link below).

Event Details:
Who: C3- Colorado Cutthroat Connection
What: 11th Annual ‘Cutthroat Con’
When: Friday, August 2nd- Saturday August 3rd
Where: Tivoli Student Union- 900 Auraria Pkwy, Denver, CO.

Not enough? Then watch this C3 Promotional Video:
**WARNING! Contains a hot chick and sweet techno!**

As a final note, Yours Truly will be there to cover all the action and get my ass handed to me in Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate MVC3 by everyone else from around the country!

For more information, check out C3’s main site here!

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