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COD: MW3 “Black Box” Map Review

Black Box, released to the Premium Elite members on March 13th, is the newest edition to the season of content brought to you by Infinity Ward. Air Force One has crashed in a California suburban neighborhood. This map is a medium-sized map that is playable not only in multiplayer mode but also in Spec Ops Survival. This map levels the playing field between campers and the ever aggressive Run N’ Gun gamers, with multiple sight-lines offered by the surrounding buildings, to the fractured fuselage that spans almost the entire length of the map. No one area lends an advantage to the gamer due to the fact that every building that gives a long line of sight you find yourself trading cover and camouflage for a higher vantage point. The Sun House offers a spectacular view of a fairly decent portion of the map but this comes with a cost, the buildings open floor plan with large windows severely increases ones visibility to the rest of the map, coupled with lower levels will test the skill level of the seasoned close-quarter combatant. The objective based gameplay is very balanced on this map. It does not offer an advantage to either the sniper or aggressive gamer.

This is the first DLC content that has included Spec Ops missions. Black Ice is a very fast-paced mission starting off with a snowmobile chase that takes you to Makarov’s weapons cache in a Siberian diamond mine.

Negotiator is a flip of the script. You will find yourself starting in Himachal Pradesh, India. A captive hostage who has to liberate oneself before breaching multiple rooms to search for and save multiple hostages.

Both Spec Ops missions are visually stunning and mentally intense as the level of combat intensity rises the further along one gets in the mission. I for one am very pleased with this latest addition in what promises to be a lengthy combat campaign of Multiplayer/Spec Ops content. The four maps that have been released to date as well as the addition of the Spec Ops missions included in the MW3 Content Collection 1 will be available to the gaming community March 20th 2012.

9 out of 10

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