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COD Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC Review

On July 2nd, Treyarch released the 3rd installment of the DLC content, containing four multi-player maps Cove, Uplink, Rush and Detour as well as a brand new Zombies experience, Buried.


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. That started from the Black Ops 2 game, aboard a Hijacked ship. This ship can be seen from the shores of the map Cove. There are not to many frills or anything too fancy about this map it. This island, if it were any larger, could have been home to stranded FedEx employees as it is strewn with the same sort of remnants of a plane crash and offers the same feeling of desolation. In the center of the map is the wreckage of small jet broken into sections and offers limited cover to the casual camper. Aside from that, this map has multiple flank routes and choke points and at times can feel just a little hectic for a 6 vs 6 match in the same way that Rust did from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2. I do offer this advice as you traverse this map: Do NOT wade too far into the water or you will perish.


Uplink is Summit revisited from the first Black Ops. With this map my enthusiasm thawed as did the snow leaving behind a dark and rainy map. There is not much to be said for Uplink other than the experience left me feeling disconnected kind of like a dropped call.


Detour is a map that is very suited toward objective team-based game play. This large section of a suspension bridge is littered with abandoned vehicles waiting to be detonated by crossfire or a well-placed grenade. This map has the similar length of Carrier, however it’s vaguely reminiscent of Modern Warfare 3’s Offshore. Detour has an upper and lower level accompanied with well-designed flank routes and is easily my favorite map for objective games like Domination, Headquarters or Capture the Flag.


Rush is a map that is out of the ordinary. Set in a Paintball arena that is both indoors and outdoors, this map is very fast-paced and does not have too many long lines of sight that are sniper-friendly. Close quarter SMG or shotgun classes are going to have the advantage in the combat engagements and there are also very sharp corners with small niches to that, which offer ample cover to the well-placed bouncing betties or claymores to protect against the multiple flank routes that will keep the spawns rotating throughout the map.


Buried is the newest edition to the zombie experience supplied to us by Treyarch. This enormous map can be somewhat confusing when you start playing at first. In this Old West environment entombed underground, you will make a new friend whom will destroy and kill upon your command for the cheap price of candy or booze. You will also have to scavenge many objects to build some interesting contraptions along the way. The ray gun is everything it is meant to be and does pack a punch as there is no short supply of the walking dead that you will have to deal with.

Overall this installment of DLC offers some new venues that are a welcome addition to the gaming experience aside from Uplink and I give it a rating of 7.5 out of 10.

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