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CoD: Black Ops 101- The Pros and Cons of Common Complaints

Often you hear or read about people who complain about the way other people play Black Ops. 9 times out of 10, it’s something that has already been said, but people still continue to bitch about it. In this editorial, I’m going to point out a few Pros and Cons to these complaints to outline that even though players are doing them, most of them normally don’t benefit from them all that much. So, here we go.


A common complaint amongst CoD players of all versions. Camping is defined in the CoD World as: Waiting for the opposing team to pass by or walk into the player’s area or “kill zone” in an effort to kill them with minimal effort. Now most, if not all players frown on this type of tactic. However, while it may seem lazy to everyone else, camping has its benefits. They are minuscule at best, but at times it can be useful…especially if you couple Camping with Ghost Pro. Let’s take a moment to point the Pros and Cons.


-Camping helps when attempting to get higher Killstreaks like Attack Dogs, Chopper Gunner or Gunship

-At times, the whole team benefits. Usually when you have Run N’ Guns(More on that later), you have Campers to serve as back-up. Most notably, respawning.

-In Tactical game-types, Camping will save your ass! Especially in Search & Destroy or Domination. Camping is kind of a necessity in order to win those game-types.

-Most Campers keep aiming down their sights(or ADS) when focused on a particular area. This can spell disaster for “Sprint Classes”(People who use Lightweight Pro and Marathon Pro at the same time). You have to figure that while you are sprinting around trying to utilize speed as an advantage, a Camper can take you out easily because he/she is already looking at you through his/her sight. You would stop sprinting, have to turn to face the camper and ADS…but by that time, you’re already dead. Game Over. Speed kills….just not for the Sprinter.


-To camp, requires patience. Now I’m not talking about like waiting in line for a movie ticket. No, I’m talking about fucking Jedi patience. Well unfortunately, some people lack that. In fact, some people suffer from ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). In layman’s terms, it means your ass ain’t sitting still for NOTHING. Newbie Campers that have no patience, wind up dead.

-After repeated deaths, the enemy team will get wise to where he/she is camping. Especially if there is a Kill Cam. Sure, the Camper may be able to take out 1 or 2 guys in a small squad, but eventually he/she will meet their end at the explosion of a Semtex grenade.

-If all the “good spots” are taken, then a potential Camper is screwed. Not to mention Veteran players will know where all those spots are, and they’ll more than likely have a nice, warm batch of C4 waiting for you.

-Sometimes the fighting doesn’t take place in the area a player is camping in. Meaning that they will more than likely not get a lot of kills that round. Barely any kills means low overall score means your team loses means lots of pissed off teammates.


This is yet another common complain when playing multiplayer. Rushers are the polar opposite of Campers(Obviously!), but they operate way differently. Most Rushers typically utilize Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro and Ninja Pro for their Perk set-up. So, in a sense they are fast, have infinite sprint and are quiet as a…ninja. While it may seem like these types of players have some sort of a death wish, you’d be surprised how useful these kamikaze-loving players are and how overly screwed they can get. Check it out.


-Rushers utilize stealth and speed to get the job done. Combined with a Ballistic Knife(Which is almost as fast as the Tactical Knife in Modern Warfare 2), a Stealth Rusher can turn a friendly game of Team Deathmatch into Friday the 13th with him/her as Jason Vorhees and you as the helpless, half-naked teenager.

-Veteran Rushers can easily get a good chunk of the kills in the beginning of the match for the team. All it takes it for a Rusher to haul ass to a high-traffic area and start shooting.

-Rushers in Search & Destroy have a higher possibility of planting the bomb before the enemy even realizes that he/she is even there. Campers on the team can benefit from a Rushers bomb plant by camping and taking out everyone who tries to defuse the bomb while the Rusher hangs back and has a victory smoke for a job well done.


-Rushers are only truly effective at close range. A Rusher caught out in the open will meet his/her end rather quickly from the bullet of a Veteran Camper or sniper.

-Rushers are severely limited to what types of weapons they can use to effectively dole out punishment. Most Rushers typically use SMGs and Shotguns to get the job done. Assault Rifles and LMGs will literally bog the Rusher down due to the tremendous weight of the Primary Weapon. However, Veteran Rushers are able to utilize ANY weapon…hence the title of “Veteran”. But even Veteran Rushers can easily get killed by anyone else if he/she is not paying attention.

-Rushers have to constantly rely on “choke-points” and narrow areas to be useful. Being out in the open is a definite no bueno, and closing the gap between himself/herself can often be more trouble than it’s worth. So, Rushers are normally, if not always restricted to enclosed areas and spaces.

Now those are 2 of the most common complaints you hear over Xbox Live or Playstation Network. However, there are a few other complaints that I will bring to light and hopefully point out a few things. These might be uncommon for you, but they have been bitched about on numerous occasions.  These complaints are directed to Perks, Weapons and other stuff. So, here we go.


-Second Chance(Perk): I often read A LOT about this in various forums I lurk at. People who don’t use SC hate it and people who use SC love it!

What SC does is allows a player who has just taken a serious amount of damage that would normally kill you, to fall into a “wounded” stance and continue to shoot with a pistol to kill your murderer. The normal version lets you live for 10 seconds, while the Pro version lets you live for 30 seconds and allows a teammate to revive you. It might sound like a blessing in disguise, but it definitely has its disadvantages.  For one, you cannot use your Primary Weapon while in SC. It’s pistols only. If you have a pistol equipped, any attachments that are on it(With the exception of Dual Wield and the Full Auto Upgrade for the CZ75)are able to be used. If you don’t have a pistol set to your Secondary Weapon, then the game defaults it to the M1911 pistol. Now, the complaint is that the person who is put into SC gets a kind of “invincibility frame” as they are falling to the ground. Meaning that when you see them go into their “wounded animation”, the other person’s screen in SC just shows them hitting the ground like they just did a “drop-shot” and you kind of get about a second and a half on them to start blasting while they are waiting for the animation of your character to sit up with his/her pistol out, which at that point bullets from the murderer’s gun will start registering hits. But by that time, the person who is on the ground in SC has already killed you and is now either going to bleed out or get revived by a team member.

Sounds shitty, right? Well, there are several disadvantages and counters to Second Chance, and I am going to point those out.

-You’re teammates will risk their lives to revive you, meaning that you are potentially risking an overall loss because you had to try to be Solid Snake and rush out there like an idiot. Honestly, when someone on my team is being an idiot and keeps getting downed by gunfire and put into SC, I’ll use him as bait, kill the players in that area then rush over to him/her like I am going to revive him/her and then I just start tea-bagging him/her while talking like Forrest Gump. Epic lulz!

-An easy way to counter a player in SC is to memorize what the beginning of the “wounded animation” looks like, find cover and then after a few seconds, finish him/her. Players who are trying to get the Pro Challenge: Fast Hands Kills for Sleight Of Hand will benefit from this the most. Also as an extra insult, bean him/her with a grenade. Nothing says “Fuck You” better then a Decoy Grenade to the balls.

-Flak Jacket(Perk): Oh yeah, everyone knows about this perk. You’ll hear more name calling and profanity in lobbies regarding this perk then anywhere else. Don’t know what Flak Jacket does? Well, FJ reduces all incoming explosive damage. On top of that, it will never deal more than 75 points of damage to the person with the perk(That statistic is for non-Hardcore game modes, by the way.). So, basically you can survive pretty much any explosion. Oh, did I mention that the Pro version of FJ reduces fire damage by 5%  of its original damage and if you pick up a recently tossed Frag Grenade it resets the fuse to about 2-2.5 seconds letting you chuck it back to the poor sap who threw it? Yeah…kind of beastly. However, despite being a walking tank, there are a couple downsides to this particular perk.

-You may be near-invincible to grenades, Claymores and Napalm Strikes but bullets can still rape you.

-A player using FJ CAN be killed by an RC-XD Killstreak as long as it is physically touching him/her or if the person with FJ is below 75% of their health prior to the detonation.

-Players who use FJ are still susceptible to Special Grenades unless they have Tactical Mask Pro on.

AK-74u(SMG): Oh…who hasn’t heard some little brat complaining about this gun? “It’s too powerful!”, “It requires no skill to use!”, “I want my apple juice, Mom!”. Seriously kid, STFU and go play Tetris with your little sister. Most people tend to complain about the AK-74u because if you used the attachments Grip and Rapid Fire(You’d need the Warlord perk), you’re basically a beast on the field(Thank you COFusion Forums for that reference so many years ago!). The thing that people don’t realize about the AK-74u is that despite being a versatile weapon(Grenade Launcher attachment, lol!), it has a few downsides to it when there are no attachments on it.

-The AK-74u has horrible recoil. So, the only way to counter this is with a Grip attachment. Meaning you may have to sack another attachment just to maintain control of your gun.

-The AK-74u has really crappy bullet penetration. This can kinda be fixed by the Hardened perk, but most AK-74u users tend to use Sleight Of Hand due to the AK-74u’s atrocious reloading time.

-The AK-74u has an incredibly slow rate of fire. So, what would one use to counter this? That’s right, kids! You use the attachment Rapid Fire!

-The AK-74u has horrible iron sights. So, once again you’ll need to sack a good attachment for a Red Dot Sight or Reflex Sight. Both are decent, but it’s pretty much at the user’s discretion.

That’s all, folks. I’m sure there is a few general complaints about Black Ops that I left out unintentionally. But, the whole point of this article was to point out a few of things that we all hear in pre-game and post-game lobbies that tend to irritate most of us. Just keep in mind that despite the fact that players do things in games that we all might not agree with, there are still those Cons that even they have to watch out for. So, when you think about it…it kinda makes us all even on the playing field. Or maybe not. Who is to say?

Until next episode…


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  1. Javan says
    March 25, 2011, 3:54 PM

    Their is actually an invisible line in which if you pass it the spawn switches, so in objective time games like HQ I let my team destroy it and then I wait for them to spawn. If I’m lucky its on the side I’m on and I run in and kill 3-4 of them before them realizing it. So in “Theory” you can’t spawn kill due to the random spawn system, but this is something that is possible, and has Been accomplished. Also, camping requires skill you have to constantly watch everywhere, watch for grenades, windows… It may seem stupid, but a camper is the easiest person to kill.

  2. Beau D. says
    March 10, 2011, 5:15 PM


    I didn’t mention “noob tubes” or “Pro Pipes” because most people use other attachments in lieu of the Grenade Launcher. As far as “spawn killing” goes, it’s systematically impossible to spawn kill as the programming within the game is constantly shuffling spawn points. If someone or yourself has been killed as soon as you spawn, that’s pretty much just dumb luck for the person who killed you. It’s a constant program flaw that has very rarely been addressed and it’s just one of those things you have to deal with. I deal with it all the time.

  3. Kongo says
    March 10, 2011, 10:05 AM

    I’m surprised you never mentioned spawn killing or noob tubes…I complain about those the most…I find spawn killing worse than Camping…The amount of spots in BO vs MWF2 are very limited…There is no special sniper spots in BO (except for that top level on that winter level). Spawn killing and variable spawning have been my biggest complaint especially playing on Nuketown.

  4. tk says
    March 10, 2011, 2:37 AM

    My biggest complaint about black ops is the game itself. It’s so cheesy and cheap. It’s like a k-mart version of a schwinn bike, kinda looks like it, but it just doesn’t feel the same.

  5. jubjub says
    March 10, 2011, 1:48 AM

    I think the biggest common complaint is the PS3 version is horrible compared to the Xbox version. Search for it so many problems to many to list.

  6. nope says
    March 10, 2011, 12:49 AM

    I find camping players more annoying than anything. It’s reserved for players who aren’t very skilled at the game and have no other way to get more than one or two kills in a row. This is why I play search. You can camp it up but after a short amount of time you’re going to find yourself outnumbered or having an objective to worry about.

    Run and Gun, on the other hand, is somewhat more of a legitimate technique but only truly shines when a skilled player can pull it off. I don’t play CoD much (never even bought MW2) but am usually far above average in terms of skill when it comes to FPS games. When I play with a team of friends and some people who are mutual online friend with a similar skill level we pretty much rush every round… not necessarily running and gunning. When you’re a skilled player then you can count on yourself to kill the bad guy before he kills you regardless of just about any situation you encounter. The weapons we use vary to meet our own personal playing style and I find myself using an assault rifle. We rush but don’t just go guns blazing onto the other side of the map as quick as possible.

    The AK74u is a gun I have very, very few kills with (<50) so I find it hard to judge but it seems to me like it is a little more powerful than it should be. I only bought the game a month or 2 ago and heard about that time that it was patched and havent really heard any complaints about it recently. In this case, it's a weapon I could care less about someone using. Actually, in CoD I find all the weapons to be pretty balanced. Not to say the occasional noob-tuber doesn't piss me off but like the camper, they usually are not good players at all.

    Second chance, in my opinion, is just a waste of a perk. I'm gonna say 19/20 times I encounter someone with this perk I'm usually the last one standing; not to say it can't be used in a tactical sense. When I say 'waste of a perk' Im talking about how its not really a thing you just set and leave it up to random teammates to save you (second chance pro is what I'm referring to now). But if you're playing with a few people you know and keep up communication (which I rarely hear people do anymore) then having a few people on a team with second chance pro could really be a pretty cool idea.

    As stated in the article there are obviously pros and cons to every tactic and it really just depends on the players skill level that decides which tactics you usually see them use. In my above statements keep in mind that more than 90% of my games played are S&D so account for that when considering my thoughts on some of these strategies. I find the majority of the better players to frequent S&D and it's what I started playing the game in. At first I wasn't a fan sitting in a death screen for a minute or two just to die in 30 seconds after the round starts but when you only have one chance in a round it really makes you a smart player. Now, still all my opinion, I find S&D to be the most challenging, intense (my heart rate skyrockets when I see I'm the last one left against 4 or 5 bad guys), and fun to play. In S&D I find myself utilizing all of my equipment, available weapons, grenades, etc. to keep my guy alive for a round when in TDM it seems like theres nothing going on but random idiots running around. I do like the occasional HQ or CTF game and find objective gametypes are way funner than having no goal but to kill members of the opposite team.

  7. Eric says
    March 9, 2011, 11:46 PM

    Also ppl moan about Claymores and care packs being stole by team mates and in worse case by an enemy..

  8. Paveen says
    March 9, 2011, 8:03 PM

    Also ppl moan about Claymores and care packs being stole by team mates and in worse case by an enemy..

  9. Jo Davis says
    March 9, 2011, 6:06 PM

    That looks like its gonna be pretty cool dude. Wow.


  10. WOWman says
    March 9, 2011, 1:24 PM

    Campers sit all day in one spot. Patience killers have multiples camp spots.

  11. Sabbotage3 says
    March 9, 2011, 1:08 PM

    Nice work young sir. The most complaints I’ve heard is about Campers. I personally have a picnic basket autographed by Yogi the Bear, so I Camp A-LOT!! But you pointed out out why it is good and bad. Great work. Look forward to your next review.

  12. matt says
    February 17, 2011, 9:46 PM

    a good read esp. for someone new. gave insight to more advanced game play

    • Beau D. says
      February 23, 2011, 11:19 AM

      Just trying to bring the info to the masses and educate my fellow gamers, bro! Glad you like it!

      • ΣMMX says
        March 6, 2011, 12:16 PM

        Oh Yea Beau. Very well written piece.
        I like your non-bias way of approach in writing.

        Cool, keep up the good work ..



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