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Cloudberry Kingdom Review


After a successful Kickstarter campain, Pwneee Studios is proud to present Cloudberry Kingdom. Now the game itself is a simple 2D side-scroller that adapts elements from classic side-scrollers from the past. The game’s art design and visuals look great, but what sets Cloudberry Kingdom apart from your average side-scroller is that the levels in the game are actually procedurally generated. These levels ramp up in difficulty, becoming one of the most brutal side-scrollers you’ll ever play.

Along with the procedurally generated gameplay, the game is heavy on variety and customization. There’s plenty of options to style your character, and it appears that you’re required to give him a beard at all times. The idea of having randomly generated level is in a way brilliant. The levels are well done, as if each enemy, block, or laser beam was carefully placed by a team of designers. If you had no idea that the levels were generated random, you would probably never know simply by playing the game. This gives the game the ability to essentially have an infinite amount of levels.

Cloudberry Kingdom can easily become a trial and error type of game with a lot of repetitive levels. But the game works hard on tackling these issues that most games of this caliber suffer from. The levels vary in length, but are overall very short. These bite-sized levels help stop the game from being a grind. Because of the insane difficulty of later levels, there’s a lot of repeating the same levels over and over. But the levels are not very long, suddenly turning the task of finishing the level into a reasonable goal.

The difficulty of this game has to discussed in greater detail. When a hard level would load up, I would just look in awe of what I’m about the make my way through. Countless enemies, spikes, lazers simply covering the entire screen to the point where it seems impossible. The game does provide you with aid tools such as a bot, slow motion and guide, although they’re not very helpful at times. With the game’s options, you can ramp up the difficulty as far as you like and customize a completely ridiculous experience, along with your over the top styled character, but I feel this isn’t the game’s strong-point.
The gameplay is very simple, playing how you would want a side-scroller to play. I realized for a a lot of the levels you can sort of get on a roll and make your way through even the tougher levels simply by keep moving forward in a danger free path. This is by no means easy on the hardest levels, but I felt that many of the levels can be quickly beaten once you know what your doing. Besides your default character, you can also choose a wide variety of add-ons and alternatives such as having your character with a jet-pack, strapped to a wheel, or in a spaceship. This definitely adds to the game’s emphasis of customization, but I felt that a lot of those options were filler and not how you would ever want to play the game.

Cloudberry Kingdom is a solid side-scroller, it’s random gameplay and customization should definitely be something you should check out.

Final Score: 7/10

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