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Citadels PC review



Citadels is a real time strategy by BitComposer games where you can either play as the Knights of King Arthur or his well know enemy Mordred, who is trying to conquer the kingdom. My first problem with the game is no tutorial, people who are new to strategy games may find they have no idea what they are doing. I understand those who have played a lot of them, for the games control and mechanics play out like most RTS’s. The game was very easy to pick up, yet I found myself rather bored the game wasn’t seeming to progress.

I felt like I was playing Sim City and I had rioters that were revolting because I had the taxes up to high. Maybe if they had that feature it would have made the game more entertaining. The troops were rather bland and generic, I know it’s a middle ages RTS but at least give them some character. They seemed just like they were canon fodder and siege weapons. The animations on the siege weapons were nice, there was a rather good feeling watching a giant rock roll down a group of troops.

I spent most of my time building structures and waiting for the enemy to attack so I could get some sort of enjoyment. Over an hour into the game all I was doing was waiting for things to finish harvesting or building. The game is extremely slow and I was really finding it hard to keep my interest.Graphically, It was not to bad. The game was colorful and the structure designs were well put together. The music reminded me of being at a renaissance fair.

The story, or better lack of story was not even interesting. I know the story is that of the knight of the round table and their adventures. But it lacked substance. There was very little of it, when the game starts you have to take out a town, I had no idea why I was taking out this town,who these people were, or what they had done. At least add some character dialog, let me know whats going on to keep me interested. The troops at least had voices but they sounded so bland and uninterested. They sounded like they didn’t want to do what you told them. At least put the voices in English, you are in England.

I was not very impressed with the game. It didn’t make me feel motivated to do anything, or even feel it was worth sacking a city or saving the lands. The peasants didn’t listen to me a few of the times I clicked on them and sometimes I would find the troops unresponsive when they were set to aggressive. Even when I did get into combat it felt lacking and very cut and paste, all the animations seeming the same. You can still check it out for yourself and give it a try. 3 out of 10.


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