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Citadels – Available Now!

Citadels, an Arthurian-based RTS with some clever uses for physics, makes its way to Steam and other retail outlets today. And of course, we have a new launch trailer for your viewing.

In Citadels, you decide whether to join the forces of good or evil and rewrite the entire Arthurian legend. The real-time strategy game of medieval warfare is available today via Steam and retail outlets.

Launch trailer:

Multiple campaigns put players into one of two roles: a member of King Arthur’s entourage as he faces his archenemy, or a collaborator of Mordred in his quest to subjugate the kingdom. Players can take advantage of formidable castles, defensive structures, powerful siege weapons, and even the alliances of historical figures. After all, what would an Arthurian game be without Merlin?

About Citadels
A tale of noble knights and impenetrable castles, Citadels allows players to follow the paths of good or evil in a tactical RTS based on Arthurian legend.

– Good or evil? Will you fight on the side of King Arthur or Mordred?
– Construct impregnable fortresses and fortify them with units, moats, and spear walls.
– Archers, bowmen, swordsmen, mounted units, ladder carriers, catapults, trebuchets, ballistae, siege towers; compliment your strategy with a wide array of military options.
– Realistic physics offer tactical advantage for higher positions, and damage from falling objects.
– Acquire legendary characters for bonus abilities. Anyone say “Merlin?”

For more information on Citadels:

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