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Charlie Murder Review

Charlie Murder 2

Charlie murder is a Beat-em-up game by Ska studios for the Xbox live arcade. Take castle crasher’s, Scott pilgrim versus the world, throw in some battletoads, add some gore and you have Charlie murder. First off let me say this game was fun as hell, I couldn’t stop playing I was up till 4am playing and even played longer the next night.The game was addicting from it’s interesting enemies to it’s cool fighting I just could not put it down. So here’s the story, Charlie was gonna make a band with his friend Paul but instead made a band with some other guys, became famous and left Paul out to dry. He got upset and sold his soul for the power to destroy Charlie and his band, in doing so he became Lord Mortimer.

I couldn’t get enough of it from the awesome gore and weapons to the cool co-op combined attacks, each one being different depending out which character you team up with.The game is pretty simple you beat up the demons, grab your loot buy clothes for gear to increase your stats and give you new combos and abilities. As you fight you gain followers which are your exp and you gain new abilities that you can use, each character has their own unique abilities as they level up. Your skills you get by getting tattoo’s at tattoo shops be it poison tornado’s,possessing enemies or a loud scream to take your foes out. You also get relics throughout the game which give you boost as well, loot find, loot bonus or my personal favorite spreading disease.


One of the features that I thought was pretty cool was the camera phone, in the game there are things hidden, also enemies and characters  that you can take pictures of  and get items, cash or exp from. I found myself going through the levels again looking for these spots so I can get my exp, cash or new duds. Throughout the game there are a few levels that remind me of battletoads where you ride a car or a skateboard and have to avoid hazards to make it to the next area. That wasn’t the only thing that reminded me of battletoads, you can beat up your friends as your playing as well but it was done in such a way doing so it won’t mess you up to bad but it can if your not paying attention. They also have spots through out the game for pvp, where you can battle your friends.

I loved the artwork in this, it had kind of this punk I don’t care i’m awesome look to it.It also has a sort of crafting in the game as well you collect ingredients and you use those at the brewery to brew beer, I don’t know how may types there are but I found a bunch and still don’t think I found them all. There are also flashbacks where you play as the band where you are performing, where it has a music game feel to it. Where you hit the buttons trying to get that 100% to get that achievement, which I failed at. The game also has secrets to unlock from areas to bosses all you have to do is look for them. From the drugged out rampage to the awesome music Charlie murder is a game to get. If you like to beat the crap out of demons and your friends I recommend it 9 out 10

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