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CE Little Witch Academia

The collector’s edition of Little Witch Academia was a wonderful, heartwarming experience I had the pleasure of reviewing. It came with an in-depth art book, the movie disk, and the soundtrack, all wrapped up in a single message, the moral of this story; Never Forget, A Believing Heart Is Your Magic.

little-witch-academia                                                                “I hope Senpai notices me..”

We open with a huge celebration being broadcast to witches everywhere. It’s here during our grand introduction of the legendary witch Shiny Chariot, that we also meet our heroine of this tale, Akko Kagari. Akko is your typical underdog character but with a burning admiration for the witch idol Shiny Chariot. This is the stage for Akko’s aspiring life dream and start of events that occur once she enters the academy to begin her path to a full-fledged witch.

While at the academy, we see that Akko has made a couple of friends along the way, Lotte and Sucy who accompany her. From the get go Akko is often ridiculed for her love of Shiny Chariot which we come to learn isn’t exactly the most loved witch among the general populace. Not to mention Akko’s sad performance in class such as her inability to properly handle a broom when flying, as well as simpler things like falling asleep during class and being used as a guinea pig. However through the embarrassment portrayed, Akko’s passion is fueled even further and she’s eager to prove herself.

Later, one of the academy’s top instructors leads the class of girls to a typical mmorpg-esque dungeon. Because, ya know, letting children go down into a dangerous labyrinth isn’t a recipe for disaster or anything. The students are informed before venturing forward that there is a risk that wild creatures are roaming the labyrinth and the students will need to use every ounce of knowledge they have acquired to carry out this daunting task. So typically, the head of the class accidentally releases a powerful dragon whom Akko now has to defeat with the help or her friends. Thankfully she conveniently found Shiny Chariot’s magical Shiny Rod in trash, which now suddenly works!

little-witch-academy-trigger                           “My burning determination will totally make a dragon explode into fireworks.”

This inspirational movie was painfully short, and yet all the work behind the scenes made it phenomenal! This beautiful film was produced by Trigger, known for their wonderful work at Gainax, as part of the Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013 project, which trains rookie animators alongside other short films by Madhouse, Zexcs and Gonzo. It was created and directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Masahiko Otsuka with dramatic music by Michiru Oshima. A second episode is currently being made thanks to Kickstarter! They were funded a total of $625,518, and if it goes well Otsuka will consider making it a full series, or at least a full length film. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!


-Rin Gonzalez

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