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Final Fantasy: The Chronicles

Final Fantasy: The Chronicles

So when it comes to Final Fantasy there are a few different generations of gamers in the timeline of its history. There are gamers like myself that started at the beginning with Final Fantasy in 1987. The next generation in the fandom was Final Fantasy VI (aka FFIII in the US). Then Square made a sm... Read On

Google Maps 8-Bit Edition

Google Maps 8-Bit Edition

The April Fools Day prank for Google brought us two things; The first is the video below stating how Google was releasing a version of Google Maps for the NES system and the second was an 8 bit map with tons of Easter eggs which could be access by clicking the Quest button on the Google maps page. A... Read On

Golden Sun

Golden sun was originally released on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance system, and was designed to bring a new RPG series into the world that could rival any. And I am pleased to say that it definitely brings a lot to the table. Developer Camelot had the game in the works almost a full year before the r... Read On

Megaman Battle Network

Megaman Battle Network was the first Megaman game on the Game Boy Advance. Released almost 8 months after Japan received the game, Battle Network is truly a new breed of Megaman game. Its not the typical side scrolling shoot em up game that dedicated fans of the series (like myself) are use to, but ... Read On

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda has been one of if not the most popular and successful video game franchises of all time. I’ve been a huge fan since I could remember, and love the feeling I get every time I pick up a brand new Zelda game for the first time. The installments on handheld systems were a huge mov... Read On

Final Fight 3: Why you should love this game, you jerk!

Ever played Final Fight? If you just said no, shame on you; you probably like Streets of Rage instead. Most people don’t even know there are sequels to the original Final Fight, and that’s just sad. Gritty, urban beatdowns to a catchy, classic Capcom soundtrack… Every Final Fight g... Read On

Secret of Mana Review

Secret of Mana…such a good game. Most people have played this throughout their glory days on the SNES when they were younger. Or if you’re like me, you play it and beat it once a year. The fact that this game utilizes so many different features and peripherals of the SNES makes it quite ... Read On

Video Power Review

I decided to review something from my childhood. It is Retro, and it does have to do with games. Now, I’m not sure if anyone remembers this show, or if it even aired in your town/country. I’m talking about Video Power. Yeah! The game show that was all about video gaming. Hosted by a self... Read On

U.N. Squadron Review

U.N. Squadron Review

Recently, I was picking around one of my favorite video game stores that still sells SNES, NES, and other retro games and I bought 2 items that caught my eye. Out of the two, only one of them was worth blogging about. That game…is U.N. Squadron! Oh yeah! Originally released in Japan under the ... Read On

Battletoads Review

Ah yes…Warrior Amphibians! Such an epic ga…wait…OH! My Bad! I meant to say Battletoads! Lol! Yes, Battletoads was an epic game for it’s time. A mixture of light slapstick comedy with a pinch of ass-kicking violence. Who could argue? Anyway, let’s take a look at Battleto... Read On

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