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Castlevania:LoS 2 “Revelations” DLC Review

March 25th, 2014 saw the first story-line DLC released for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 entitled, “Revelations”. Before I begin, I want to let everyone that this is a prequel DLC to the main story and contains references to it, so…


There…now nobody can bitch at me because you’ve been warned.


When Alucard revealed himself to be disguising himself as Zobek’s lieutenant towards the end of LoS 2, he helped Dracula reclaim his lost memory of their conversation after the massive battle with the Brotherhood of Light at the very beginning of the game. The plan was to pierce his heart with Alucard’s sword, putting him in a deep sleep and giving Satan the impression Dracula was dead, allowing his acolytes to begin preparation for Satan’s return. Revelations takes place after the sword is removed, but before Dracula wakes up. In this DLC, Alucard must recover the Void and Chaos powers that were taken by the denizens of Dracula’s castle in order for his father to have them at his disposal when he awakens.


Alucard’s combat is obviously different than his Father. Instead of using the Blood Whip, he uses the Crissaegrim, a sword he forged from the tip of the original Vampire Killer that was embedded in the heart of the former Lord(or Lady in this case)of Shadow, Carmilla. Now for those of you that are Castlevania veterans, I need not explain what the Crissaegrim is. But for those of you who don’t or you just want a refresher course, the Crissaegrim made it’s appearance in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The Crissaegrim was a rare drop from an enemy called a Schmoo, only found in the Inverted Library in the Inverted Castle. When equipped, the sword pretty much functions like this:


So every time you press the attack button, a flurry of quick slashes appear in front of you and you can walk forward while slashing, effectively killing anything in front you. However, the Crissaegrim in LoS 2 unfortunately does not operate like that. But, it was super cool of Konami to put yet another reference to one of their most popular titles in the Castlevania franchise!

Anyway, so you are using a sword instead of a whip, so that means it’s all close to mid-range combat. Now like his father, you can imbue the Crissaegrim with powers to help you, though they aren’t Void and Chaos. Instead, Alucard uses the Glaciem and Igneas(Ice and Fire, respectively)fragments that were forged into the Crissaegrim and in turn, functions like Dracula’s Void and Chaos powers. So, Glaciem freezes and heals you with every strike and Igneas breaks armor and shields and dishes out the best damage. You can still purchase and upgrade combo attacks as you would in the main game and you can still level the Crissaegrim’s Mastery up by using all the different combos at your disposal. But, since you only have the one weapon at your disposal, it honestly did not take me long to max the Crissaegrim’s level out.


As far as vampiric abilities go, Alucard’s are way different than his Pop’s. While he can use the same relics as Dracula(Minus the screen-clearing Dragon Medallion), Alucard evolved slightly different than that of Dracula, so his vampire abilities seem to be far less malicious. They are as follows:

Bat Form – Allows Alucard to cover great distances and reach far places via transforming into a swarm of bats.

Spectral Wolf – Summons a wolf to explore the castle. Alucard is vulnerable during the activation.

Timeless Vision – Allows Alucard to make objects go back in time for a short period of time.

Each one of these abilities gets a hell of a workout as you progress through the castle and like the main game, you will need them to collect all the Secret Boxes to max out your Life, Glaciem and Igneas gauges as well as solve some of area’s more complicated puzzles.

In the end, I honestly loved this DLC. My only complaint, however, was that it was just too damn short. I’d say the DLC is about 4 hours long. But, if you are good at the game like I am, then it would take you about 2 hours or less…and that’s WITH collecting all the upgrades! I’m not sure if MercurySteam will be putting anymore DLC out since there is A LOT of drama going on right now. In fact, you can read about it here if you choose. Nevertheless, the DLC is worth the buy and it does close up a few loopholes in the main game!

8.5 out of 10

Until next episode…

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