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Call of Duty Reckoning

In the fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare we received some very fun and impressive content. The standard 4 new map packs for online multiplayer as well as a new part of the awesome Zombies story line that I felt was fantastic. Advanced Warfare felt like a breathe of fresh air after Ghosts (multiplayer at least) and Sledgehammer and Raven have proven that they can give Treyarch a run for their money as far as Zombies go.

So jumping right into the multiplayer maps. Starting with Fracture. An icy and mostly outdoors level with plenty of sniper positions and lots of room to play with you exo jump and boost abilities. Lots of vehicles to creep in between as well as some high roofs for a good vantage point. reckoning fracture

Second is Overload easily my favorite map included in the DLC. Taking place in a Middle Eastern looking hotel there is alot of indoor and outdoor space to fight in. Easily can traverse the map in your exo without feeling cramped but there is plenty of halls and lobbies in which to have tight quarters firefights as well. One really cool feature is the tesla like electrified towers that once shot with kill anyone within there vicinity with electricity for a limited time. reckoning overload

Next up is Quarantine. An animal testing facility for primates that is both simple but very fun. The center of the map is a big cage and holding chamber for the primates with an entrance on one of each of the 4 sides of the map. The map basically wraps around this center piece with parking lot on one side, a watchtower of sorts on another, and plenty of hiding spots on the remaining two.

Finally is Swarm. A ruined and demolished Korean city with tons of detail. Lots of vehicles to ambush enemies by and good amount of room for the exo abilities as well. This was a very fun map to play on just to go around looking at all the super fine tuned details. reckoning korea

And now for the meat of the DLC, the final installment for the Zombie story line, Descent. Spoiler alert for those of you who havn’t played the other zombie entries and don’t wish the story to be ruined skip the rest of this paragraph. John Malkovich’s character Oz was seemingly killed in the last part of the continuing story. Obviously that’s not the case and he is currently a zombie who still retains his intelligence and is trying to actively kill you and the party now containing Bruce Campbell’s character Lennox. Taking place at an Atlus black site that is almost entirely under water, this map gave a truly creepy and frantic vibe which was perfect. Oz will occasionaly transport the group to a confined room lined with laser grids to disable your exo, turrets on the ceiling, turrets in the walls, poison gas drops, electric floor, and more in an attempt to kill you in a boss fight of sorts. The dialogue was fantastic and often left me laughing hard. John Malkovich did an amazing job with his voice work with phrases like ” Your a real pain in my ass Angie” (speaking to the facility AI) or “The teleporter’s are mine bitch, lets keep em that way”. reckoning campbell

Overall this is easily the best of the four DLC packs for Advanced Warfare and I enjoyed ever bit of it. Highly recommend this to anyone who has the main game. Zombies is the shining star here but everything in the pack was very well done. 8.5 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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