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Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Review

The first game from independent studio Red Wasp Design, Call Of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land splices elements from H. P. Lovecraft’s classic horror tale into traditional turn-based RPG mechanics. The story line is World War 1 era in terms of action and gameplay and like most RPGs, a heavy investment is required early on in carefully considering weapon purchases and skill upgrades. But after the initial couple of levels the game gets rather difficult and that may frustrate casual gamers. The visual aesthetic of this game are very good, however when it comes to the mechanics in the training section, this really lacks continuity as it is under-designed.

The one thing that I have learned in all of my gaming years is that there are two places for RPG games: One is, of course, on a PC with plenty of RAM available. The other place that RPG games are directly associated is the basement of your grandma’s house as you sit around a table with 5 other pale-face individuals sipping Mountain Dew eating PB&Js with the crust cut off. I don’t mean to go off on a rant.. but please…an RPG game for the iPhone is like attempting to put ” War & Peace ” on a 3 1/2 ” floppy disc…like it is gonna fit.. or function smoothly.
Most users when it comes to games use them to pass the time while waiting in the lobby of the doctor’s office or at a bus stop.. or wasting small amounts of time. Most accomplished gamers know that playing an RPG is an investment of one’s time and attention, with that being said why in the world would one attempt to play an RPG game on any platform other than a PC as most smart phones have a finite amount of battery available and we have all learned that the battery is better used for calling or texting than gaming. With that being said.. I found myself rather frustrated with this game as the functionality is not all that it should be, I found myself resorting to the ” button mashing ” strategy i.e, mispressing icons in hope that I would accomplish what I needed to but actually made several unintentional maneuvers which lead to more frustration. The sound track is somewhat interesting but borderline repetitious the longer I played the app. I give this app a 2 out of 10. Here is to hoping that the next title release by Red Wasp Studio does not leave me feeling like I just got stung.

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