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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse

              Broken sword 5 is the fifth installment in the long line of Broken Sword games from Revolution Software,  that have mostly been on the pc platform, The copy i was reviewing was of the console port most specifically the Playstation 4 port of it, it had been released in 2013 on Steam for the PC.In this part of Broken Sword it opens to Catalonia, Spain in 1937 to a young man talking to his father  who gave him their family’s amulet and he is then shown fleeing with his mother in a hurry as they were impeding an attack from soldiers as then a camera pans out on the painting behind him he had been looking at just before.

we are then taken to present day France into an art gallery where the owner Henri is showing off his gallery, when all of a sudden a man with a helmet thats not visibile shows up with a gun and takes a painting off the wall which is coencidentally the same one shown in the beginning and Henri the owner steps in to try and stop him and ends up getting fataly shot by the robber, you are then shown George and Nico the protaginists of the game.George happens to be working for a insurance company that insures the art gallery and now has to investigate the murder to see if his company needs to pay out on the painting stolen.


The controls for the game i believe translated over pretty good a good feature that is allowed that I found out when I was messing with the controls is you are able to use the touch pad on your PS4 controller as if it were a mouse making it pretty easy for anyone that jumps into it that was using a laptop before so I thought it was ingenious.Another feature put into the game was phone calls, they utilize the speaker on the controller of the ps4 whenever you get a phone call, it took me a while to realize that you needed to hold it near your ear like a phone! Smart move with that, as an okay idea as that is from how i see it to kinda keep you on your toes, some people might complain from the sound being too soft, i had the volume for the controller to maximum and it was still pretty soft and kind of hard to hear a few times.


Graphic wise i feel the visuals are really pretty at times and very smooth and there really isnt any clunkiness to it at all, though the dubbing can kind of look funny at times but i realize this is because its dubbed in many languages, and at times in dialouge there wasn’t even any lip movement a  couple of times.One thing that I couldnt get passed me is that we’re in the heart of Paris right? where is all of the people? when you help the Stall vendor on the alley way I kept wondering well who the hell is he going to sell it to? theres really nobody out here, and it seemed like the only people that were generated were ones that you had to interact with, no one in the background what so ever and it just felt like a ghost town in some places where it should be exploding with people like even with the cafe it seemed like we would be the only people that went to it at all.


Over all this was a very pleasing game and very enjoyable to play and I would highly recommend it if anyone is into point and click adventure games, like the Sam & Max games and Monkey Island, it was easy to get into even if you haven’t played the other games like I have, I was expecting to not know what was going on since it was the 5th game but it was actually very easy to follow and get into and takes very very small elements from the other games that I didn’t know about.

  I give Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse 8 out of 10

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