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Broken Analog Joins Forces with Minty Fresh Gaming Podcast!

That’s right, folks! I’ve been invited as a regular on the up and coming gaming podcast, Minty Fresh Gaming and will be hosting all future episodes on the site! I made my debut on Episode 4, as the group and I discussed a majority of the announcements made at this year’s E3! Give it a listen! Oh and special guest appearance by Randy “Macho Man” Savage, too! Enjoy!

Oh and if you’re interested in hearing their previous episodes, you can find them by clicking the links below. Also, “Pillow Mints” is the name of the outtake reel, so be sure to check that out! Currently, they do not have their own Facebook yet(Work in progress), but you CAN find them on Reddit and they will be creating a Sub-Reddit in the near future!

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