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Bloodmasque: Finally Your Face can Hunt Vampires

Bloodmasqe is a new touchscreen brawler in production by Square-Enix and showcased at E3 this year. It features you in Alternate-History Paris killing vampires or, when not killing vampires, performing quests to get better at killing vampires.

The concept is neat enough but what really sets this game apart is a unique facial mapping system which will have you posing for photos so that your likeness can look a bit annoyed at getting blood on your brand new shoes or proud that you pulled off a six-button special combo. While a personal twist is applied, combat is very much like Infinity blade but depth is maintained by increasing the hard-to-avoid combinations enemies will develop.

If you have a handy Ipad, Iphone, or Ipod Touch be sure to check it out when it’s released.

Source: IGN

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