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Blood + Review


Quick, without thinking, what’s the first thing that comes to mind with a title that uses a mathematical symbol in its title? If you guessed “absurdly violent anime that doesn’t really much sense at times,” than congratulations! You just summed up Blood+( Blood Plus. I don’t get it either.)

An all-star cast?

Blood Math Sign stars Saya who, besides being stuck with classic anime stereotypes such as amnesia, is an adopted and ordinary school girl. Because that’s still pretty boring, she is attacked by a chiropteran(read: vampire monster thing) and discovers that she is the one who must kill them and stop her sister and yadda yadda yadda. Yeah, the plot is definitely not a high point, riddled with stupid plot twists that only add to the confusion.

Oh. Oh my.

There are lots of bad guys,seedy organizations, and a whole bunch of other stuff you will not give two shits about. If you came for action, you will be  semi-satisfied. Saya has some skill with her Katana, and the fights are well-paced. However, you cannot be squeamish about blood. At one point, Saya’s chevalier(guardian) decapitated a baby chiropteran, I ‘m not sure if the producers are aware of how blood actually works, but within a matter of seconds, a gravity-defying waterfall of blood explodes into the air from its neck. Suffice to say, this anime is not for the faint of heart.

The best things in life follow you when you close your eyes.


It wasn’t long before most of the characters began to grate on my nerves. Almost all of the characters were either a stereotype or flat-out annoying. The only character I could tolerate was Diva, and she’s a villain, so you know what happens to her in the end.

The biggest positives I could give this Anime are the fights are interesting, and it has a unique premise. Had they made this premise make a little more sense, it would have gotten a higher score.

7.25 “Wow, that’s a lot of blood!” moments out of 10.

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