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Blast Aliens Review

I have played many iOS App Store games and this is the first one that allows me to test my skills one on one against my friends… and the best part is that I get to shoot em in the face. Blast Aliens a game that was developed by Owzom and is formatted to be played in the portrait mode. Some might find this to be difficult for some to orientate themselves to the feel of the game as most are in the landscape format.
This game is set in the distant reaches of the galaxy on a dusty planet is where you will find the Outworld colonies. You start out with customizing your character with unique weapons and gear. It does not matter if you are a Spinas, Torles, Robos, or Humies the challenge has been set. You will find that your speed, precision, and agility to the test against A.I opponents or one of the multitude of Game Center players online.

The game play is quick, simple and direct to the point. It is one on one duel to the finish, pistol versus pistol. By tilting your iDevice ( either iPod, iPhone, or iPad ) you move the cross hairs and target your opponent tap the screen to fire until you put them on the ground. The rewards are gold and jewels that you acquire upon victory, the more that you level up and the more bounty that you stockpile the better weapons and protective gear that you can purchase.
I rather enjoyed this game as it is not your run of the mill imitation of a console game. Granted the graphics can be deceiving and the simplistic nature of the game but that is what I find to be the most refreshing thing about it. I give this game an 8 out of 10.

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