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Black Ops 2: ‘Uprising’ Map Pack Review

On April 16th the newest DLC installment was made available for purchase to the Xbox Live gamming community. The DLC content consists of 4 multiplayer maps Magma, Studio, Vertigo and Encore and a new Zombies level Mob of the Dead. One thing that stands out to me in this newest installment of DLC content is the fact that Treyarch is doing everything in their power to ensure that the gamer is receiving a quality product not only from an aesthetic level but also keeping the terms of engagement challenging by offing map styles that keep that game-play from becoming stagnant and predictable.

Magma is set in Japan at the foot of an erupting volcano. The area is a maze of magma flows in a city slowly being overcome by destruction. There are a multitude of areas on this map that will give one a false sense of security when engaging the opponent from a distance and could keep one distracted from enemies flanking from various directions. This map is littered with molten lumps of magma that if one gets to close could cause you to spontaneously combust resulting in an untimely death not to mention the river of lava that flows through the center of the map. This city on the verge of destruction is full of colors and textures that is a delight to the senses. Magma deserves a 9 out of 10 from this gamer.

Vertigo is a map set on a skyscraper, which in all honesty feels all too familiar to me, which is not a bad thing. This map comes across to me as a visual merger between High-rise from MW2 and Overwatch from MW3. Vertigo is in my opinion a medium / small sized map that is prone to encourage close quarter to midrange combat and more often can leave a sniper feeling quite exposed. This map is more suited toward objective style game-play that some more serious competitors have found to become stagnant grenade throwing frenzy as found on a map like Nuketown. I give this one a 6 out of 10, I think that it could have gone in another direction with this map than giving us something to fall off of.

Encore is in London this map was featured on the Treyarch Uprising trailer. This open air style map favors the long range engagements and will probably be hated by every sprinting dual pistol wielding gamer that considers themselves as a Call of Duty enthusiast. This map will promote the random grenadier to test his skill level or raise the level of the C4-chucker as he hurls his Sacraments of Demolition to the unsuspecting camper. Encore is another map that is well suited to objective style of game play this map is an 8 out of 10.

Studio is a remodel of the Black Ops map Firing Range. Set in a Hollywood studio lot each section has its own theme. The large wooden scaffolding tower in the center of the map is now a Medieval castle, the area where the jeeps were located is an old west saloon, the path that lead from the shooting range to the bathroom is now a Jurassic park theme complete with an T-Rex that appears to be attempting to break thru a section of the fence along the path that approaches a miniature cityscape set for a disaster movie and is a genius remake of one of my personal favorites the original Black Ops. Bravo Treyarch I give this one a 9.5 out of 10.

Mob of the Dead is the newest Zombie adventure, Treyarch has kept things fresh when it comes to this game mode. They brought in new stars to elevate the gaming experience. Ray Liotta, Joe Panoliano, Chaz Palminteri, and Michael Madsen are set as a group of notorious mobsters who are breaking out of Alcatraz prison. With a new approach to the Zombie game mode you start the round as a ghost looking for a body to inhabit. From that point forward it is the usual game style of killing zombies unlocking guns and rebuilding broken barricades. Don’t approach this as the usual par for the course shootem zombie game there are a bevy of surprises in store for you as you work toward the objective of escaping Alcatraz Island. Mob of the Dead is a refreshing change to the Zombie experience brought to us by Treyarch and does not disappoint it gets a 9.5 out of 10… only because nothing is perfect.

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