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Black Ops 2 – The Future is Now….FINALLY!

The long awaited announcement for the sequel Call of Duty Black Ops II was revealed to the gaming community on Tuesday May1st. Treyarch studios, continues the story of the first game and introduces you to David Mason who is the son of Alex Mason the feature character in Black Ops. The game is set to be available November 13th this year and will be launched on Xbox, PS3 and PC.

The game play will be split between three combat theaters, of course there is the much anticipated futuristic story line and need I state the obvious there will be online arena, but there is no doubt that the multitude of us are waiting to see what the Zombie mode of the franchise will introduce us to.
Treyarch/Activision are of course keeping their cards close to the vest as to what aspects of the game will be “tweaked “ but have said that philosophically they will be starting from the ground up. Game design director David Vonerhaar said “Instead of just extending multiplayer from Black Ops, we’re done making games where one style fits everyone and that the multiplayer won’t be a one game mode anymore.”

Activision has finally heard the outcry of the masses, and wants the gaming experience to be enjoyable to not only the serious gamer but also the casual gamer weather you prestige once or fifty times. This no doubt will lead to a myriad of rumors and speculation that will be the fodder of game chats worldwide, but rest assured that we will all learn more about the upcoming war at the E3 convention this June.

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