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Black Ops 2: ‘Revolution’ Map Pack Review

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For the first time in the history of the Call Of Duty franchise, the DLC content has a fresh new impact on the multiplayer experience. The PeaceKeeper SMG is a first time DLC weapon. A hybrid mix of an SMG and Assault Rifle. This weapon has outstanding range but has strategically tempered damage profile. This weapon is more suited for medium to long-range engagements and can be quite deadly in the hands of a player who is more apt to pick and choose his targets as compared to your garden variety run and gunner who prefers spraying bullets like the neighborhood kids running wild with their Super Soakers.

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Another first for the Call Of Duty franchise is the new “Turned” mode that offers the gamer to play from a Zombies perspective. It is a fresh change from the game mode infected. The new Zombies map Die Rise, a Chinese skyscraper with pitfalls, keeps the experience from getting stagnant.

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The new multiplayer maps that were also included in the first installment of the DLC season for Black Ops 2 are:

Grind is a new style map set in an abandoned skate park and changes the typical game play as there are curved surfaces where on most maps straight lines would be. This takes away the comfy corner that is usually occupied by a camper.

Mirage is a very detail orientated, visually aesthetic map set in a sand-wept resort. The map offers long sight-lines and plenty of verticality to compliment many different game types without giving one side of the map more advantage than the other.

Downhill is set on a mountain ski resort. This map has very long sight-lines but in no way offers an unapproachable spot for campers and is very balanced in design. This map has gondolas that are in continuous motion and should you happen to find yourself in front of one keep moving or you will perish.

Hydro is set in Pakistan at an hydroelectric power plant and is another map that has a hazard that will either benefit the team who has the higher ground or could be the instrument of failure as you attempt to flank the spawn while traversing the belly of the map that has spillways that flood due to a massive torrent of water that comes out in set intervals. Hydro is symmetrical in balance with vantage points both from above and below so check your lines of sight when making a push to the opposing spawn.

Treyarch’s first installment is a fresh change of pace from the Call Of Duty franchise and offers quite a variety that has been received from the gaming community.

This gamer gives the content an 8.75 out of 10

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