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Black Guards 2

Black Guards 2 by Daedalic Entertainment, first impressions on this game with out having played the previous title in the series The Dark Eye: Blackguards it was a bit hard to follow along with the story in the beginning you start in what seems to be a dungeon in a castle with a very disgruntled guardsmen, I soon learn that you are in the shoes of a girl named Cassia who had been thrown into the prison by her would be husband Marwan to fend for herself in this spider infested labyrinth, with a few lines to and from the guard with Cassia, you are put into the first prologue mission basically teaching you the gameplay mechanics which is nice for new players to this game like myself!

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The combat and mechanics in this game are all turn based with set action points for actions, players that have played games like the old Fallout series will be fully antiquated with this system, people that aren’t might struggle a little bit with it but its easy to pick up the swing of things once you get used to the learning curve of the system, a problem that I was running into that i’m going to get into is the other aspect of the games system with its RPG roots. every time you finish a mission you get the chance to use experience points that you had acquired in the previous mission by reading a book that you come across in the dungeon it’ll let you spend it on any way you seem fit,

The problem that I could see people running into with this system is that it doesn’t tell you the benefits in the long run on what leveling up certain skills will get you too as I found out with the 3rd prologue mission, I had used my experience to buff up Cassia’s strength and melee skills not knowing that in the next mission i wouldn’t necessarily need these skills, I thought it was a little unforgiving with that and getting stuck on the same mission because i rolled a melee character instead of spreading my experience points into magic and ranged skills, it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game because of that but I did think that it made it a little more challenging for players that haven’t played a table top RPG like this game is based off of.

after you get passed the prologue missions you are shown Cassia is driven completely insane by being stuck in the dungeon for about 4 or so years and the venom from the bites of the spiders she was neighbors with in there as shown in a few scenes where she is conversing with herself about getting out of there and exacting revenge upon her would be husband Marwan, when you do eventually make it out of there the game can get a bit easier depending on how you level up your characters that you acquire throughout your travels to topple your husbands kingdom and usurp his thrown.

Overall Blackguards 2 is a pretty good game and worth checking out if you where a fan of the first game or even a fan of the table top RPG that it is based on, and definitely start with the first game so that you are not going bonkers on trying to figure out the story, the flaws in it are not necessarily game breaking and can be easily overlooked as you play it and get used to its system. I’ll have to give the game an 8 out of 10

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