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BioShock Infinite DLC “Burial At Sea (Pt.1)” Review

After an incredibly long wait, the first story-based DLC has been released for BioShock Infinite! This particular one is called “Burial At Sea” and it is a two-part story.


If you remember from the end of the main game, Elizabeth(Or Anna as she is found out to be)tells you that there are multiple lighthouses(Lighthouses=dimensions), all with different versions of realities of Booker and Elizabeth, depending on their choices. This DLC is one of them.


So, the game has you once again playing as Booker Dewitt except this time, you are a private investigator for the city of Rapture. Timeline-wise, the DLC takes place on December 31st, 1959 which if you hardcore fans remember is the night before the revolt against Andrew Ryan started. Anyhow, you are approached by Elizabeth in your office to which she asks for your help in locating a little girl named Sally. Based on already existing information Elizabeth has, you are tasked with seeking out the eccentric(and insane)Sander Cohen for information on Sally’s whereabouts. That’s where the fun begins…

Would you leave your kids with this guy?

Would you leave your kids with this guy?

Gameplay remains the same as the main game, though with a few differences. Instead of only using two weapons/Vigors at one time, you are able to utilize the first two BioShock’s radial dial selection option, thus allowing you access to all currently owned weapons and abilities.

Instead of your Vigors being called Vigors, they are referred to as Plasmids. However, you don’t actually get any of the original Plasmids(Incenerate!, Electrobolt, etc.), but you do get a new one called “Old Man Winter” which functions almost identical to Winter Blast, though the animation is different. You don’t retain any Gear you acquired through the main game, but you DO get new Gear that would have honestly been extremely helpful in the main game.

Weapons are few in selection(Handcannon, Shotgun, Tommy Gun, and Carbine), but they added a new weapon, the Radar Range, a sort of microwave gun which rules ass if you use it right. Also, the Sky-Hook makes a return as well, so you’ll be able to perform those awesome insta-kills we got hard-ons for in the main game.


Now the DLC isn’t long. It’s roughly about 4 hours long…unless you are awesome like I am, then it can be done in about 2. The DLC also adds about 10+ new achievements/trophies, so for all you hunters out there, put your game-faces on! Part 2 of this DLC doesn’t have a release date yet, but according to Ken Levine, the game’s creator, the second part of this DLC will focus more on a stealth/survival-horror aspect as opposed to the hustle and bustle of Rapture in Part 1. So, with that said, I seriously look forward to the next installment of Burial At Sea!

Overall, the DLC is actually pretty good. It was really nice to go back to Rapture and get that “classic BioShock” feel once again and even though there weren’t a whole lot of elements from the first two games, it still felt like home to me.

8 out of 10

Until next episode…

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