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Bionic Dues Review: Modify and Conquer


Oh Arcen Games, you continue to crank out titles faster than the Federal Reserve prints money. It doesn’t help that despite their minimalistic appearance they are riddled with deep gameplay mechanics. Games like A Valley Without Wind 2 and Skyward Collapse are brilliantly drawn and scored while games like Shattered Haven offer unique gameplay ideas and an engaging story, we have Bionic Dues. Described as a tactical turn based mech infused roguelike rpg, Bionic Dues is a game that screams indie on the Steam marketplace. Is it worth your time though?

Robot rebellions should be quelled by the best of the best. When the best of the best are killed… it’s up to you. Subdue the uprising in time, or your corporate overlords nuke the city. The story can really go anywhere. The missions you play are randomly generated so there is a level of variety every time you start a new game. It adds to the replay value given the different loadouts of mechs you can have.

The story is pretty cool, atmosphere wise. The cyberpunk presentation hits me right in the feels because I LOVE cyberpunk stuff. Seriously, the cyberpunk awesomeness in this game is really cool to look at. The robots and even the robot customization screens, the environments just everything is cyberpunk and it is full of awesome.

There are a wide variety of missions to partake in while playing through Bionic Dues, the catch is that you have a limited number of missions to complete before the game ends, whether you like it or not. This is far above Majora’s Mask, there is no time travel kids. It is different, but has its own fair share of problems. Just like with games such as Atelier Rorona, the time limit on the game makes you feel rushed to complete as much as you can. I like to take my time with games of strategy. IN a counter view of being rushed, it fits with the story and combat of the game to have it be timed. Combat is fast paced and the story obviously dictates who is going to win the war depending on what you do in time. If you don’t like being timed, this probably is not a game for you.

The combat is turn based and very fast. You have access to four mechs that are upgradeable with the parts you find during missions and as rewards. The parts do not change the appearance of the mechs, just the stats and the way they act. Finding the parts that fit for your four mechs and synergize with them is fun and surprisingly tactical given the simplicity of it. The missions progress differently depending on what you pick but usually it will have you find an item, or kill all other robots. Careful though, you have limited ammo. If you aren’t careful, you will be caught with no ammo and a blown up mech. A positive side is that you can switch between the four you chose at the start of the game.

I want to say the biggest problem with Bionic Dues is the same problem Skyward Collapse had, conveyance. Despite being told what to do and how to play you may often find yourself staring at the computer screen wondering, “So what do I do again?”. The controls aren’t too bad, but there definitely feels like there is something missing. The second problem with Bionic Dues is the clutter. The menus feel really pushed together and there is too much information to take in.

What Bionic Dues lacks in conveyance and organization, it makes up for in original ideas, music, and combat. These are all great aspects of Bionic Dues, seriously, the soundtrack is phenomenal. Bionic Dues is not for everyone, but for strategy enthusiasts and speed runners, this game was made for you. I give Bionic Dues a 7.5/10. You can pick it up on Steam now. 

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