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Beneath the Feathers – An Interview with Warky T. Chocobo

Many people in the convention scene know Warky. He’s a brilliant piano player who is noted for never using his thumbs when he plays. Aside from piano, Warky is also a talented singer and voice actor. Recently, I had a chance to sit with Warky in his nest and find out just what makes this guy tick…or in this case, “Wark!”.

1. What made you decide to do this as a career?

“Anything encompassing music. Because music has always been a part of my life. It’s something that my mother introduced to me because she was very passionate about music and I wanted to share her love of music and make it a passion of mine. My parents were always very happy when I played piano, even though I taught myself, but seeing their happy faces encouraged me to go on. From there, I put my own twist on it and started learning and playing video game and anime music to make other people happy as well…and then I woke at and was getting interviewed by you. *laughs*

2. How long did it take you to become “known”?

“Probably around 2007ish…BanzaiCon kind of kicked it off for me when they invited me there. I got interviewed by a couple of newspapers and their articles ran. Once people read those articles, I became a trending topic for one day…and in these times, that’s all it takes. I think my popularity increased additionally with the release of They Might Be Elders…at least on a Mormon front. *laughs*

3. Were you nervous the first time you performed?

“Oh my gosh, was I EVER! I was on stage in front of a pretty large crowd and I had the microphone in my hand. And I was shaking so hard, it looked like I had just walked out of a shock therapy session…and not the good kind, either! But, after going to a lot of karaoke places, that fear quickly went away and now I still get a little nervous, but nowhere near as bad. Theater work also helped with that too!”

4. Why do you like Chocobos so much?

“*laugh* I don’t. I hate them! *laughs out loud* Chocobos are amazing as they are the only thing that actually help you in any Final Fantasy game, including Final Fantasy Tactics. I’ve always felt that chocobos constantly have a happy personality to them and I related well to that particular trait. So, naturally I took on that persona…plus, I’m big and I carry a lot of stuff. *laughs*”

5. Have you ever considered doing collaborations with other musicians/voice actors/internet celebrities?

“Yes. Yes I have. Many, many times. In fact, Sonny Strait’s(Voice of Krillin in DBZ, Mayes Hughes in FMA and Drocell Keinz from Black Butler) “Vote We Shadows Up” campaign is something that I particularly loved to work on for him, because him and I are great friends. We worked on a charity audio book together and that was a huge success. Basically, I want to collaborate with pretty much EVERYONE! *laughs*”

6. If your current career would not have worked out for you, what would your alternative career have been?

“I actually have a degree in psychology. So either being a marriage counselor or…a guidance counselor.”

7. In regards to They Might Be Elders, where do you draw your inspiration from?

“Most of it comes from my faith and personal experiences, honestly. The other portion of it comes from Weird Al and other people who parody popular songs for fun.”

8. Do you have any future projects planned?

“Yes. First off, They Might Be Elders will be releasing the 3rd album, “Truth Be Told” and it will be out digitally within a week’s time. Then there is the movie “Changing Hearts”, of which I was in, is out now, and is available here on Amazon. “Abandoned” is a video game being released November 20th of which I was a voice actor on it.

If you want to check out Warky in a total non-stalker way, you can visit these links for more information!

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    November 8, 2012, 10:12 AM

    So excited. Just saying.


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