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Behind the Masks and Wigs: Animeland Wasabi 2013 from a Cosplayer’s View



NOTE: The opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect the collective thoughts of the Broken Analog Staff!

Most convention reviews speak about the con themselves. But as a cosplayer myself, I have often wondered how the con feels from a cosplayer’s point of view. How the rules affect them, how the staff treats them, etc.

This year I decided to get a few cosplayer point of views on the con. I asked a few people their opinions on Animeland Wasabi and this is what they had to tell me.

Kahoko Himura as Stitch and Sachiko Rose Pudding as Lilo from Lilo & Stitch

How Did the Con Rules Affect Your Cosplays?

  • The change in weapon polices have made cosplays with guns and large items difficult to cosplay and have made many people retire them.
  • Due to the hotel rules, any cosplay showing any mid drift was contained to the single hallway and wouldn’t be allowed to go up to their room and change.
  • Well, I cosplayed as a maid for the maid cafe, and I was stopped and checked to see if my maid cafe dress was appropriate which made me late to the cafe for one, and embarrassed me greatly.
  • The hotel rules and Wasabi rules were completely different from each other.
  • Had to deconstruct some props to get to your hotel room but wouldn’t have been a problem if announcements had been made before hand.
  • Didn’t affect mine but a lot of other cosplays that I wanted to see wouldn’t be allowed.
  • Not really clothing-wise but weapon-wise is very difficult.

Overall the hotel rules themselves affect many peoples cosplays, clothing wise and weapon wise.


Jamie Jane as Marika from Bodacious Space Pirates


What Did You Think About the New Hotel?

  • The majority of the hotel staff looked down on the cosplayers as if we were lower then them.
  • Small, cramped, the staff members were complete jerks to us. In the artists alley we didn’t even have any room to move around in.
  • The hotel was smaller then the previous hotel which made it really cramped.
  • The hotel was OK except for the crowded hallways and and rude hotel staff. The location was a easy find, but parking was also a pain too.
  • The section that the hotel gave us was way too small and the security was completely rude.
  • Worst hotel ever.
  • This hotel is way smaller and very little room.
  • Well, other then security being extremely harsh on Saturday, I didn’t have too much of a problem with the staff, for the most part they seemed alright, but they could’ve had a better attitude. Other then that, the hotel itself was too small for something like Wasabi.

    The new hotel needs to be taught a lesson on how to treat others. It has been confirmed that for a fact Animeland Wasabi will NOT be back at that hotel and hopefully back at the old Red Lion.

Derek Marvin as Madam Red from Black Butler

What Was Good About the Con?

  • Basically, what is always good to me in my opinion is that I got to see friends, and admire all of the other cosplayers.
  • It is a smaller con them most of the cons here in Colorado.
  • Despite the problems with the hotel, fun was still managed to be had.
  • The con-goers, as usual. Everyone just being themselves and having a rad time.
  • Some people liked the artist alley and dealers room being in the same area so you can get all your shopping done in one run.
  • That dealers room and artists alley. So much cool stuff and a big selection of goods that make it easy to buy with cash than with buying it online. Also the game room with the chance at playing the actual Fix-It Felix Jr. game from the Wreck-it Ralph movie.
  • The Maid Cafe was really well done.
  • Liked having Rock Band
  • Fast moving con-staff security.
  • Had fun seeing all the friends and the happy atmosphere.
  • Dealers room was huge.
  • Everyone is having a blast.
  • Those that needed to be kicked out were kicked out in a professional matter.

The amount of people there made the con a happy place. Some of the panels were extremely entertaining. Having the dealers room and Artist Alley be in the same place is a mixed thing at the moment.

Mero Roo as Casual Xion and Kendall Warembourg as casual Luxord from Kingdom Hearts

What Was Bad About the Con?

  • The bad things were mainly the rudeness of the hotel and the long registration lines.
  • Needing your picture on your badge and standing in a 3+ hour line just to get said picture.
  • Dealers’ Room and Artist Alley being in same room.
  • Was very crowded.
  • The cosplay contest was really boring and the MC was rude.
  • The long wait for registration. Only 1 computer at work with both pre-reg and at-door reg. Need more people working registration for con.
  • Not enough room for many props.
  • Not carding people for the badges. People were getting 21+ badges when they weren’t 21+
  • Because of the long lines the staff should have dropped the price of the badges or offered compensation
  • Some things had to be put on hold due to tournaments.
  • Nothing was told about the rules till a day before and didn’t give cosplayer enough time to change things up.
  • 3 hour wait…ugh.
  • People were cutting in lines and no control of that.

Over all the lines, wait, and hotel were the main hate target of this con.

Blair Walker as Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

How Was the Staff and Volunteers?

  • The staff was very good however the volunteers acted like they were entitled.
  • Con didn’t seem organized.
  • Staff and volunteers were not good nor bad. They were just there, doing there job.
  • Very helpful as far as I heard in general.
  • Staff did their jobs above and beyond.
  • The staff was willing to help the cosplayers in every way.
  • Long time staff was good but volunteers screamed at guests.
  • As soon as a problem hit the staff was on top of it.
  • They should have worked harder to unclog the halls.
  • Good at the staff but then got slightly rude about everything.
  • Most were extremely respectful and others were”taken from NDK”

The staff did a good job this year but just like every con they do need improvement. The main focus of improvement should be the volunteers and how they are chosen.

Genae Gerardi as Jack Spicer, Alyson Pearson as Kimiko Tohomiko, Lauren Evevard as Omi, Alex Goldsmith as Clay Bailey, Cian Kinderknecht as Raimundo Pedrosa
All from Xiaolin Showdown

What Was Different From Last Years Con?

  • The Artist Alley for one, and also the DDR was not there and they treated the people who run the DDR like crap. Not giving them enough space and people harassing them for something they had no control over.
  • Lines everywhere you walked.
  • More access to many games. And the maids cafe was a big major plus. Loved the cafe.
  • Could go from your hotel room and your car and not get yelled at for not having a badge.
  • Quicker to get to the hotel and not having to pay for parking.
  • The staff moved faster last year
  • Artist Alley and Dealers’ Room in the same place.

The fact that DDR had no room was a big change cause what’s a con without DDR. However the games in the game room were a hit or miss.


Cierra Brusenbach as Espeon from Pokemon

What Would You Change?

  • The system of choosing volunteers.
  • Panel scheduling.
  • The space of the Artists Alley and that they need to keep DDR…and for heaven’s sake treat them with dignity.
  • Game room having to many VS games and not enough co-op games.
  • How they handle people that don’t have badges or badges that can’t be seen.
  • Designated photoshoot locations.

Everyone has a suggestion on how to improve a con but it takes the con staff to make those suggestions real.

Britteny Muniz as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

How Was the Layout?

  • Terrible, and no they were not easy to find. I got confused on what was what at times.
  • No idea where anything was even with signs on the doors.
  • Everything was scattered around.
  • Without a map, it was difficult to find things.
  • Really bad; hard to navigate through people.
  • Easy to find the rooms if you saw the hotel before.
  • Just had to wonder around.

It was a small con but even maps were needed to help find where is where.

Crystal Candelario as Axel, James Michael as Saix, Brandon Stephens as Xaldin, Mero Roo as Roxas, and Stacy Steward as Demyx. From Kingdom Hearts

Would You Come Back Next Year If Nothing Changes?

  • It depends. I really don’t know…I love to see my friends, but if they are not going to get their act together then who knows?
  • Still would come back but would be very disappointed about it.
  • Unless we get a different hotel, absolutely not.
  • Absolutely not.
  • Probably would but would be there a day early to avoid the long wait
  • Nope, I’m done.
  • It’s touchy but if I had to deal with another 3 hour wait but it’s a con and my friends are here.
  • Maybe but I would have to be convinced.

Luckily for Wasabi and us, Wasabi has already started these changes. Next year look forward to a new hotel and a much faster pre-reg line.


Overall Wasabi was a so-so con. It’s a fun con but some major improvements need to be made. If given a chance I would recommend going to Wasabi and seeing for yourself if it’s a con you would go to or not.

 I do these articles to give cosplayers a voice when staff is no where to be heard. We are the ones the truly run the con and our voice matters.

The cosplay community has given ANIMELAND WASABI 2013 a 4/10 rating.

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