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Battle Worlds: Kronos Review


Kickstarter is doing wonders for video games. The crowd-sourcing method is pumping out games faster than babies on Teen Mom. Despite the numerous failed projects from Kickstarter and in some cases, blatant scams, people are still using their money to fund projects from indie developers to receive exclusive swag for a game they want to succeed and be a part of. While I personally have never donated to Kickstarter, I can see why people are using it. Battle Worlds Kronos is not only a Kickstarter success, but a Steam Greenlight success as well. So if being funded by potential fans wasn’t enough, it was voted onto Steam by potential fans as well. How does the game stack up though? Was the money spent correctly? I wish I had the answers, this is a game I cannot decide if I liked it or not.

You play as a general that is charged with leading a war to victory. You must fight to protect the humans of Kronos because this is a war between the less capable, and the rich. What happens when Kronos or Rhea wins? Well, they become emperor. You play as four factions total across two sets of campaigns adding to about 13 total missions. One faction are the people that were left behind on Kronos and the other factions as invading armies.

The story is pretty good, it does remind me of the old school Command and Conquer titles. You have all the workings that make Battle Worlds Kronos’ single player a separate experience from multiplayer or skirmish. While the story is pretty good, it feels unfinished, the character interactions feel out of place or slightly off key. This is very apparent when playing through missions. It isn’t bad per se, just improperly executed. I have definitely played worse. The developers did do a really good job creating their own unique universe.


Battle Worlds Kronos is a turn based strategy game that gets you feeling nostalgic from playing the classing RTS titles without the real time. I like to think of this game as a mix of army management from Dawn of War or C&C with Civilization or the more modern Warlock Masters of the Arcane. The gameplay worlds well together and I can tell enough effort was given to ensure the game responded well. Sure there are quite a few hiccups or unfinished ideas with the core gameplay but after playing a game like Halo Wars, nothing seems to out of place as much as that game. I would have to say that this game has some pacing issues barring the minor technical glitches or unresponsive controls. When playing by yourself the war feels as though it is progressing slowly. While all of the actions are essential to keep the game coherent and good looking, watching every single unit move one at a time, all counter attacking after every attack etc. It gets kind of dull after a while. While playing multiplayer this feels as though it disappears since it functions more like a game of chess.

Every unit can be leveled up given enough combat XP and their upgrades are usually the same as one another but how they get them is entirely different. A hunter may have access to armor buffs at level 2 but the tank will not. This allows the game to feel more varied and balanced in terms of army customization and development. That is heavily respectable given how easy it is for high level units that can steamroll teams. You can also heal your units with the level up on the fly but this consumes your skill point. Each unite has different attack and armor ratings that are good against one another and learning them all takes serious time and can be frustrating through the first ¼ of the game.

Battle Worlds Kronos is a game that has delivered on clever strategy. As a strategy game buff myself I found nuggets of enjoyment with the game and felt as though the people that funded it made a good choice to spend their money. However, the game still feels as though something is missing, as if the gameplay needs more to it. Games like Warlock Masters of the Arcane have this problem but a title such as Civilization IV doesn’t. It is more of a gut feeling than anything but the gameplay does not feel fleshed out enough in terms of combat.

Battle Worlds Kronos is a game that requires a lot of patience. It gets better the more you play but you have to let it get their on its own pace. Maybe in today’s gaming industry this seems out of place, hence why it feels improperly executed. I almost want Battle Worlds Kronos to be released more around the time where war strategy games were at it’s peak in Windows 98 days. This is a game that has enough to offer for the new Steam user and even a gamer that is just getting into strategy titles. For a veteran though, it is a tough call due to high expectations. I give Battle Worlds: Kronos a 7/10. A really nice game, but it seems as though it was released in the wrong gaming era.

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