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Avatar: The Legend of Korra Review

Korra and Naga

The Legend of Korra is a sequel to the original Avatar: The Last Air Bender series we all came to know and love. This series starts a mere 16 years after Aang’s death and the world is peaceful and evolved, and a new avatar has come into being. The only problem is now, the capital city of the world Republic City is slowly falling into chaos. A group of non-benders called the “Equalists” are rebelling against the government on claims that every major war in history was started by benders and that benders use their power to oppress non-benders. This is true in still small villages where fire benders still think the world belongs to them and gangs that have bender lackeys and leaders. Now the new avatar, Korra must bring peace as her predecessor Aang did before her.

The series starts by the white lotus centuries looking for the new avatar and give up almost all hope until they come to the South Pole where the new avatar has discovered her unique multi-bending abilities at a very early age. Immediately the centuries take over her care and well being to train her in all the bending arts.

By age 16 Korra has mastered water, fire, and earth over seen by Katara to determine when she is ready for the next step. Katara determines she is ready to learn air bending, even though she has never been able to air bend before. She is to learn from Aang’s son, Tenzen who is the only air bending master in the world.

Unfortunately Tenzen decides to postpone Korra’s training due to pending issues in the council in Republic city, and Tenzen insists on Korra staying in the South Pole until he has enough time to stay there and train her. Of course with Korra being as rambunctious as she is revolts and secretly follows Tenzen to Republic city, where she learns city living is much more dangerous than she was living in the South Pole. He second day there she learns of the “Equalists” and their leader, Aman, who threaten that benders will no longer exist in the future. Along with her air bending training, Korra’s path lay before her and she is willing to face it all head on.

In her adventures in Republic city she joins and bending battle team called the Fire Ferrets. Bending battles consist of three players per side, one for each element other than air. Whichever team gets knocked out or knocked outside the ring first loses. You have to win two out of three matches to win the game. Her team mates, Bolin and Mako play alongside her as the earth and fire players. With the experienced avatar on their team, they make a tough match.


Korra overlooking Republic City


And of course as in all great series the main female character and the hot male character fall in love, but the daily changes of the threats from the “Equalists” put strain on their relationship even as friends. When the hot male character, Mako finds a girlfriend and they decide to fight the “Equalists” together and the modern day “team avatar” is born.

Like Aang in his time Korra has a hard time mastering the element naturally opposite to her personality, air. Even when she gets a hold of all the movements and techniques down of air bending, she is still unable to produce a single gust of wind. Until of course the most crucial moment in the series when the one she loves is in trouble and all her power gone, she is suddenly able to air bend to defeat her enemy. Unfortunately all her other amazing bending abilities are gone, and even the great Katara; the best healer in the world cannot bring it back. Korra goes into a state of depression that not even the one she loves can bring her out of.

Which leads us to the end; Aang appears in her time of weakness to give her a lecture and her bending back, when she goes into the avatar state for a whole 30 seconds after not entering it for the entire series. She comes out of depression extremely quick get with the guy she loves and becomes the savior of the bending world. The ending was predicable all along and extremely anti-climactic.

The Legend of Korra was all in all a great series but it was rushed due to the small amount of episodes planned in the first place. There aren’t any filler episodes which all be it are annoying but from the original Avatar series very much missed. If they would have gone with the original 20 episode series as they had done before they would’ve had more time to develop certain characters and more room to play. These guys are still teenagers and like every teenager they are going to get in trouble with the government and the people looking out for them. The very fact that they are teenagers despite their maturity was completely ignored besides the child-like qualities the put into Bolin.

There are small things to complain about here and there in the series, but over all I enjoyed watching it and waiting every week for the new episode to be released. I was almost always on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen next, and booing at the cliff-hanger endings of the episodes.

This is a series that when it is released on DVD, I will be buying it the day it comes out, as I’m sure most people will be. The only way I think someone could hate this series is of they didn’t like the love story and the politics.


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