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Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Most RPG games don’t have as many installments to the series and those that do know how to continue to make the games fun and enjoyable. Take Final Fantasy for example: There are about 17 installments so far and the series just keeps on being made for better or worse. The Atelier series is no exception to this as this is the 15th installment and in my opinion, the best one.

Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemizes Its First Set Of Screenshots screenshot

Tecmo Koei was nice enough to give us the game 10 months after Dust released in Japan.  When you first start up the game you are treated to a cute anime-style opening, Japanese song and all, that just gets your feet tapping to the beat!

Now, there are two main characters that you get to choose from: Escha or Logy

Escha Malier was brought on to help her town seeing as she is the last and only alchemist in her town of Corseit

Logix “Logy” Fiscario, a alchemist that was brought from the capital to help save Corseit

The main storyline will remain the same regardless of who you choose, but certain events and endings are different depending on who you have chosen. Escha’s story is targeted to fans of the previous games and will involve many daily life scenarios, and Logy’s story is targeted to RPG-players in general and will involve more serious scenarios.

The game takes place four years after the beginning of Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. The story, however, takes place in the remote town of Corseit. The goal of the game will gradually change from just fixing up the town to building an airship to be able to reach The Unexplored Ruin, and eventually…well…explore it, duh! Over time you get colleagues that will help you explore the ruins.

Being alchemists, it is a given that you would be synthesizing things. Escha synthesizes materials such as healing items and bombs. The items you use in battle are made by her, but the weapons are made by Logy. Instead of buying things, just turn to the trusty table and cauldron and let Logy and Escha do the work.

You are on a time limit with this game when it comes to assignments, seeing as these are the main missions of the game. You have 4 months to complete the task and although that might seem like you have more then enough time, the task of traveling and synthesizing is very time consuming and those four months will pass by quickly. Most of the jobs are easy to do and will leave you enough time to do the side jobs. Not completing the side jobs wont affect you, but if you fail to complete the main job then you run the risk of being “fired”, aka “Game Over”. Most of the side jobs have to do with gathering items or battling creatures or even synthesizing items, so the difficulty aspect can fluctuate accordingly.

To me, the battle system feels like Persona but it uses the “LTGL Engine” which is most commonly used as the Dynasty Warriors battle system . You have a team of three people with three back-up team members and you take turns attacking the enemies. There is a gauge on the right corner that goes up with each attack. With that gauge, you can combine your attack with others for a higher damage output. You can also use the gauge to guard other members, but the one guarding will take a small amounts of damage. If you get the first strike on the enemies, the gauge will max out and you will get the first chance to hit. When ever a character goes to Support Status, his/her HP and MP refills. So, tactful planning is an absolute must if you want to survive the game’s harder battles.

The World Map could not be any more easier and useful. Each area has a list of the monsters and the items that can be found, but it does take time for the player to travel to a main point. However once you’ve reached the main point, traveling to the small locations doesn’t take any time at all. As you progress in the game, new travel points will open up to you but most of the points wont open until you collect all the items in the area.

If you need a certain item but don’t have time to go looking for it, the Homunculi of the game would love to help you out. Just tell them what to collect and they will get it for you within a certain amount of days. Seeing as you are never bored due in part to the main missions and the side mission, you can take on smaller, less important missions that are really only good for money.

To me, this game is amazing! It’s a great rainy day, boredom game that you just don’t want to end. There are so many missions to do and so many things to explore. I would recommend picking up this game for those of you that just want to a fun game to pass the time on! There are 11 endings to this game, so let’s see how many you can get!

10 OUT OF 10

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