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Asura’s Wrath Preview/Demo Review

I just finished playing the demo for Asura’s Wrath and i have to say, Mind = Blown. I was already looking forward to this game but now having played the demo i can’t wait for it to release. Asura’s Wrath is a collaboration effort between CyberConnect2 and Capcom.

Now the story runs a little something like this; Asura was once a great general of the gods and after defeating a foe known as Gohma he returned home and was summoned to meet with the Emperor. When he arrived he found the Emperor dead and was blamed for the crime. Asura flees and goes to find his family only to find his wife dead as well and his daughter kidnapped by his former comrades. The God Deus reveals to Asura that he is responsible for the Emperor’s death and the abduction of his daughter. In a rage Asura fights with Deus and is defeated and dropped to earth.

12 thousand years later Asura is awakened by the prayers of a young girl. After saving the young girl Asura begin his hunt for the Gods who betrayed him and took his daughter from him.

The Demo give you the chance to play two of the boss fights from the game and i found them to be incredibly entertaining. The fights for the most part are not entirely controlledĀ  by you but are more like a highly interactive episode of an anime. This allows the fight to be nonstop epic action with closeup fights and several epic exchanges between Asura and his Foe. The Burst Meter is fun as well, most battles consist of attacking long enough to build up Burst and then going rage mode to progress the battle to the next sequence.

The Demo is available on both Xbox and PS3 so I recommend you get out there and download it, and stay tuned to Koku for more on Asura’s Wrath. Release date for Asura’s Wrath is set for February 21, 2012!

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