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Artist of the Undead – An Interview with Carter Reid

I actually had to traverse a graveyard to find good ol’ Carter. He was sitting atop a tombstone, hammering out an awesome drawing and nibbling on some Lady Fingers…of course he had to spit the ring out before he choked to death.

1. So, where did you get your love of zombies from?

“George Romero. No doubt about it. It was the forbidden show, so I snuck out of my room to watch and it traumatized me for life.”

2. What inspired you to produce zombie comics?

“I needed a way to keep drawing everyday. I honestly didn’t plan on making a comic; I just needed an excuse to draw. I figured the updated schedule would force me to keep drawing and update everyday.”

3. In your opinion, how do you feel about the current state of the zombie culture?

“My current feelings about the state is I feel like it needs more variety. There is always a constant debate about slow vs. fast zombies and I’m tired of the debate. I just think it needs more variety, more “new blood” and more things to keep it going and it doesn’t always have to be a viral apocalypse.”

4. Have you considered animating for video games or anime?

“I am open to anything that allows me to keep drawing crazy stuff as it lets me exercise my weird fascination with the undead. If someone wants to pay me to do that, I would be more than happy to do so. In fact, I’d be ecstatic! There are benefits to being a relentless media whore.

5. What is your favorite zombie movie or game and why?

“My favorite zombie movie is “Return of the Living Dead”. It has all the elements I love: Horror, story, comedy. It has all the elements of a non-typical zombie movie as the zombies are fast, they are intelligent, they are nearly indestructible and since I grew up in the 80’s, I get an awesome sense of nostalgia every time I watch it. Then of course there is that red-haired chick that dances naked on the tombstone in the graveyard. *laughs*

6. If a zombie apocalypse were to actually happen, what would you do?

“I would fight until there is no hope and then throw myself to the zombie horde with a smile on my lips. Because being a zombie is awesome and it would give me a chance to devour my mother-in-law.”

7. Do you have any future planned projects or anything upcoming?

“I do. New books are on their way. I have over 3 years of archived material and it will be available for purchase very soon, along with new material. Support my comic to prove my guidance counselor wrong, and make sure my children have food to eat!!”

Here are two samples of Carter’s work. They are zombified versions of Norman Reedus(Daryl Dixon) and Michael Rooker(Merle Dixon), both of which are characters in the hit show, The Walking Dead.

For more of Carter’s work, as well as his awesome web-comic series go here!

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