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Arcania: The Complete Tale Review


The Arcania series has kind of lived in the shadows of other Action RPGs. The biggest complaint has been the odd combat system and the bad control scheme. The lore of the Arcania franchise is rich and the art style is rather unique too. Arcania Complete Tale contains a revamped version of Gothic 4 and the Fall of Setarrif expansion. It feels rather odd that this game is getting released. Mainly because the Arcania series felt kind of dead after the Xbox/Windows Live release of Gothic 4.

War has plagued the Southern Islands and it has spread to Feshyr. After returning to his village from a small journey in the outskirts of the island, our protagonist is greeted with fire and destruction. His only clue to who did this are a small fleet of ships with an eagle displayed on the sails. Filled with revenge, the hero leaves the village in search of answers. The king is not the only one to blame for this attack. Evil lies in the corners of the Southern Islands. Fate has many plans for the hero of Arcania Gothic 4.

The story has a very generic execution. You see it in a lot of fantasy epics like this. The story starts off rather cheery and then turns dark when someone attacks. The archetype is no stranger to fiction. It I used as a kicking off point to jumpstart the progression of the story in an abrupt manner. I have seen this kind of thing too many times and I always hope a game such as this has a better execution. Sadly, the generic storytelling doesn’t stop there and is recurring through the different acts of the story.

The combat certainly is different. It is traditional action RPG but the control scheme is what makes it different. You have your standard light and heavy attacks. You also can use whatever weapons you want, there is no weapon proficiency in this game. Ranged weapons consist of magic and bow/arrow. The aiming is pretty good too. At first, the reticle is a little weird, but you quickly become Robin Hood with some practice.

arcania-the-complete-tale-01The combat is really seamless when it comes to melee attacking, ranged, and magic attacks. While it will take some practice to combine these into combos, it is possible. This kind of skill driven battle system is great. There is a leveling system so you can learn new combos and do extra damage with certain weapons. At first, when you look at the skill tree area, you will be rather confused on just how you get these new abilities. The UI is not very user friendly.

The music is really enjoyable but the voice acting is a real hit and miss. I know games can’t have stellar voice acting and a lot of them tend to have the voice overs from Witcher 2, but there are some nuggets of mediocrity in this game when it comes to the voice acting. Part of the problem is the dialogue writing as well. Let us just say, I am glad there are subtitles.

The game is rather large and there are plenty of sidequests to complete. The expansion also adds plenty of content to the game. The main downside to the amount of content is the lack of replayablility. After you complete the game, there just isn’t much reason to play through again. I give Arcania: The Complete Tale a 7/10. It is still a fun game, but it takes time to get good.

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