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Ar Nosurge Ode to an Unborn Star Review

If you are a fan of the JRPG genre and follow the recent many releases chances of you’ve caught wind of Ar Nosurge on the Playstation 3. The prequel to Ar Tonelico on the PS3. Following Ar Tonelico’s fashion, a special kind of person can to the power of song known as song magic. Battles revolve around protecting the songstress as you wail on opposing enemies.ar_nosurge_ode_to_an_unborn_star_001

Delta is paired up with  Cass and they try want to “save the world” just like any true to format JRPG. Delta is thrown into the classic ” I have amnesia” storyline that plagues far too many games, but this does give a little depth to the chemistry of Cass and Delta as you try to further the pairs relationship in game to become stronger. As weird as it sounds as you get closer to Cass your job is to implant memory shards in her body while chatting in a pool while wearing the equivalent to a bikini and swimming trunks. There’s a bit of fan service involved in the game. But to obtain memory shards you must dive into Cass’s subconcious and go through unique scenario’s which is where you will actually start to bond with some of the characters in the game a bit. These sequences where definitely a highlight within the game play in my opinion. There is a second storyline as well featuring an android named Earthes and a test tube baby named Ion. Their journey revolves around Ion trying to discover the meaning of her existence. Gameplay between the two stories are identical, including diving and purification.ar-nosurge-ode-to-an-unborn-star 2

The game pacing is rather slow. It has too much dialogue and text to read through and it rarely pertains to the story. I spent over 45 minutes exploring two different shops and learning how to use them. And a lot of the dialogue will border between very humorous to unecessary and boring. The characters themselves did all have unique and highly differing personalities which was great and helped lead the story along in a very good way. Arnosurge_release02_4

The graphics are not the greatest, but they could be worse. he best part of the “tone” if you will was the music. Besides the songs you collect and use in battle the overall soundtrack was rather memorable and set the mood very well switching from environment to environment and then to battle themes as well. The battles themselves were alot of fun at first but overtime became dull and drawn out as the enemies confront you in waves, and after my 100th battle of 25 waves or more I was over it. Ar nosurge Ode to an Unborn Star 3

Ar Nosurge isn’t a bad game by any means but its not a great one either. I would recommend this to fans of the series or general JRPG fans but the average gamer would want to pass this one over. I enjoyed the game and its music based play style, but I would like to see a game like this given a little more time and maybe a bigger budget to work with. 6 out of 10. Happy Gaming.



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