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AquaPazza Review


OK everybody I’m here with a game called AquaPazza as if you didn’t read the title of the review in which case why are you here? Anyway this game was developed by Atlus that surprisingly enough has a decent amount of games under their belt, it’s too bad that the only game most people will know about is Persona 4 Area and I say that very sarcastically but I’m not here to bash there other games I am here to bash this game as an individual. Like P4A, AquaPazza is an arcade style fighting game but this game mixes various visual novels and animes, those being ToHeart, Tears to Tiara, Kizuato, and Utawarerumono mixing the characters in Marvel vs. Capcom style. Fighting system: First up I’m going to talk about the fighting system of the game, no this doesn’t mean I will talk about the controls yet, basically you pick your character from a cast of 18 then a side character from another cast so yes this game forces you to fight tag battles all the time no matter what. It wouldn’t be so bad if the side character did anything other than one move before leaving as if they’ve got something better to do; like there’s this one assist character with a hammer and when called upon she will bop the enemy once then fade back into the back ground so you can’t call this tag battling more or less it’s a cheerleader that has four separate cheers and that’s it nothing more nothing less.

ma-ryanStory mode: This is a fighting game not just any fighting game an arcade style fighter so as such I expected the story boring and predictable like the movie SuckerPunch but I gave it a go . It starts off with one character from ToHeart trying her best to create a love potion for ‘reason A’ I say reason A because it’s never quite clear why, but she manages to screw up so bad that she some how causes the existences of each of these animes to merge into one and it’s up to your character to get to the bottom if it by of course fighting various confused characters because the main villain has figured out that the concoction she has created has yielded a mysterious water called AquaPazza (Clever way to put the name of the game in the game itself Atlus) that can control anyone who drinks it and as such she has proceeded to slip it into everyone’s drink like she’s playing date rape roulette . Speaking of never explaining anything which this game dose a lot, is why is the character you pick to fight and his or her cheerleader is not being affected by the water did they just not go to the same club and speaking of which how did the main bad guy even distribute the water when she had no idea what happened. Ultimately this game’s story has more plot holes than Heavy Rain but unlike heavy rain it fails to make up for it by immersing you in the grand scheme of the story itself.

Story mode 2: For a fighting game it’s trying really hard to sell for its story by giving you an after story which takes even less time than the first, granted the first story only took me around the same time it takes me to finish a bag of lays chips after iv appreciated the amount of air that’s in the bag. And like a bag of lays the promise of goodness is inside but when you get into it you find nothing but a sense of being ripped off. Anyway this story mode focuses one whatever character you beat the main story with and fast forwards like a week later which gives them enough time to forget everything that’s happened much like Ash Ketchum at the end of every pokemon movie. A mysterious mirror has appeared in Japan, well I can’t say appeared more like it’s always existed there and feeds of the desires of mankind leading everyone from your characters existence to come to the conclusion it must grant wishes; why would you come to this conclusion I’ll never know but whatever moving on. So in generic anime fashion your character and cheerleader has set out to have his or her wish granted, pounded everyone and everything’s skull in that says otherwise. There was one bit where the lord of a nation or whatever wanted to wish for peace but when my character proclaimed that her wish was far more important than ever lasting peace between two clans it made me want to stop playing because of how stupid she sounded because all she wanted to wish for was to get the D from some boy she liked.

AquapazzaAquaplusDreamMatchSS1-620x360Characters/Art: As explained earlier this game merges the existence of several different anime and visual novels for its extensive cast of characters but you don’t have a choice in which you play as in a sense that you can’t pick to fight as one of the assist character or vice versa which raises the question why, like I don’t get why you would go through the time the program all these characters and only give full game play rights too half of them while the others are sitting on the back burner like that research paper that’s due tomorrow and you haven’t so much as written a sentence. Not surprisingly enough 95% of this cast is female having a combined pool of 31 characters while having 3 males this game should be called Waifu wars instead of AquaPazza. I will say one thing good and that’s the fact this game artistically pleasing a wide range of colors paint the screen to give it a dazzling appeal much like P4A the stages all have something special that makes them different so it is much appreciated.

Controls: Ooooh I’ve saved the best for last, for a fighting game it is important that the game itself has good controls that mix complexity and simplicity well enough to have a fun fighting game, realistically this game controls like a car going 90 with no steering wheel. There are two control types Normal and Simple that should be renamed to MLG Pro and Normal because the ‘Normal’ control of this game handles poorly. Essentially the thing that what was wrong with P4A in a sense that one button combinations with slight differences at the end was all the combos you had so the game leaned more on the simple side of things. Atlus decides fix that in this game by making every single thing you do complicated as all known hell. Every combo is heavily decided on the D-pad or analog stick because only thee button actually attack while the movement on the D-pad/Analog dictate your combos.

Every Character possibly 13 combos that they can pull off ranging from normal fighting movies to specials that consume something called power. Every character has two specials that consume one power and one special that consume three powers….wait what about two powers or do we avoid that like the drunken girl at a party? I don’t think it would be that unbearably hard to come up with specials for the second power level but I’m not the game developer so whatever. Just to be sure I was being fair with it I invited two of my friends over all three of us having experience in playing fighting games to a good extent, I play a lot of arcade fighting games such as BlazBlue or Guilty Gear, my first friend plays games like Soul Caliber and DOA and the last plays a great deal of every fighter especially tekken and street fighter (He is one of those Fightstick people). All three of us took turns on the ‘Normal’ control setting and it wasn’t long before we were so desperate to not to lose to a computer that we started spinning the Analog stick around rapidly while mashing buttons in random order, admittedly it got more done that any attempt at reading the command list. The Simple setting is somewhat of normal controls that remind me of P4A sort of instead the assist character button is a combination of buttons and the specials is one button instead of a combination of buttons ultimately it was decided that a gorilla with the controller in its mouth chewing on it could pull off more combos by mistake than we could actually trying.

As a final score, I would have to give Aquapazza a 5/10. It has some nice points, but lacks the glue that would hold the game together.

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