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Have you ever said something creepy or gross just to see the reaction on your friends face?
Well there’s an app for that… I mean game…. There’s a game for that.

Introducing AntySocial, a card game developed by the creative minds over at AntyNekTy. Do you enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity? Well me too, but what does that have to do with anything? NOTHING! Except that you should give AntySocial a try if you enjoyed CAH for even half a second.

The basics of the game are you each take 2 cards and place them face down and then you draw a card from the deck and have to read what is listed under [A] on the card. Things like “I went to a strip club and now i have crabs in my beard” or “I lick bananas at the supermarket to turn on other dudes”. If you can successfully say that you then take the number listed on the card and give that many cards to another player. Once the deck is empty you tally up each persons score by adding the numbers listed on the cards, shuffle the deck, and repeat, but this time you read what is listed on the [B] side of the card. Once you finish that you add up the score from the 2 rounds and the lowest score wins. Now keep in mind this was just a very basic explanation of the rules.


Initially the game was a bit difficult to figure out as some of the rules were not very well explained on the rule card included in the deck but they have uploaded a PDF file containing an expanded set of rules on their website AntyNekTy.com.

I have play tested this deck twice, once upon initial release using the included rule card, and again recently using the updated rules PDF. The first group did have some issues and i had to explain the rules to the best of my knowledge but even i was a bit confused at times. They had tons fun reading off what was written the cards but gave up when it came to figuring out how to keep score. Now with the second group i used the updated rules PDF and things went much smoother, they were able to enjoy the game as well as accurately keep score.

The cards also double as a regular deck of cards with everything from the 2 of Hearts to the Ace of Spades so you can use them to play regular poker, drinking games, or whatever. AntyNekTy also designs, prints, and manufactures all the cards entirely in the USA, so for those of you against outsourcing jobs to china AntyNekTy agrees with you.

Head over to AntyNekTy.com now and order yourself a deck. You can also follow them on Facebook here.

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