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Anomaly 2 Review

Back in 2011 11 Bit Studios released Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and everyone will tell you it changed how tower defense games were played.
I never played it, so i can neither confirm nor deny this. What i can tell you about is Anomaly 2 for the PS4, seeing as I have been recently playing that.

The basics of Anomaly 2 is like your normal tower defense game, where varying stationary defending towers of differing skills and abilities try to stop oncoming enemies of varying skills and abilities from reaching the goal. The difference? This time you are the oncoming enemy instead of the stationary defenders.
Now Anomaly 2 only has four to five hours’ worth of campaign, but that’s almost half as much gameplay time as most AAA titles nowadays so let’s call that a win shall we.


The overall campaign contains fourteen offensive missions, in which you control a human commander in control of a squad of offensive vehicles. The commander has the ability to free run along the map areas, which gives you the ability to pick up power-ups and position yourself in key areas to use said power-ups in order to assist your squad or distract the enemies. You can collect these power-ups as drops from enemy towers as you defeat them. There are several types of power-ups which allow you to heal troops, distract enemies, or even temporarily power down enemy towers. You will have to use all the power-ups at your disposal to strategically make your way through the level to the end goal.

On to the troops! One of the first things they teach you during the tutorial levels is how your squad vehicle has 2 forms, each with their own different set of stats and weapons. This gives you an added element of strategy as you progress through the levels. You can change your first squad vehicle between a machine gun unit with a turret that increases attacking speed the longer it is firing, and a closer range flamethrower unit the is able to attack units hiding in alleys that the gunner couldn’t effectively damage. There are several different types of squad vehicles that you will get as you progress through the game, each with their own varied forms and strategic uses. You can sell back any units you feel you don’t need for currency, at a marked down price though. The troops will also pick up currency along the path you designate allowing you to buy more vehicles or to further upgrade your remaining units making them stronger.


Anomaly 2 also boasts a competitive multiplayer option as well. This gameplay element includes elements of both tower offense and tower defense. One player gets to play offense and try to stop the other player from getting through their lines to safety. The multiplayer mode can only be played online though, No couch co-op here. Unfortunately I didn’t get to test it much as the online community is slow right now. I waited several times for about 20mins each for a match with no luck. Hopefully the online elements will pick up in the future, but since i didn’t get to play it I’m going to leave that aspect out of my overall scoring at the end.

The game only runs for $15 game, which is a pretty good price for the gameplay and amount of content. Hopefully more people agree and pick this game up, because I’d really like to try out the online multiplayer sometime.

Score 7.5


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