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Animeland Wasabi Announces 9th Return in 2017!

Denver, CO, October 24th, 2016Today they announced their 9th return to Denver, Colorado! 2017’s theme is “Meme” and they definitely have a whole bunch of new and exciting things planned for that year’s show! They will have some recurring, fan-favorite guests as well as some new guests making their debut at their upcoming show!

Animeland Wasabi will be held from February 10th to the 12th at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center, the same location as 2014’s show. Early-bird registration is now currently open on the website for attendees, vendors and independent artists.

As always, you can expect folks from Broken Analog to be in attendance and also expecting a bunch of pictures of the awesome cosplayers in Colorado!

About Animeland: Animeland continually strives to be the premier anime convention provider, all the while promoting knowledge on all things anime, gaming and pop culture related. If you are truly looking for a memorable and positive convention experience, then Animeland is the right place for you and we look forward to seeing you at a Animeland event.

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