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Animeland Wasabi 2017 Retrospective

Animeland Wasabi 2017 Retrospective

Hello all once again, this is my perspective of Animeland Wasabi 2017, This year we had the privilege of being press for Animeland Wasabi once more. this year the convention was hosted at the DIA Crowne Plaza Hotel, it is a bit of a bigger venue compared to the Ramada last year. We had the chance to scope out the dealer’s room a few times and we had also gotten to check out the artist alley to see the wide arrange of artists selling their prints and crafts.

When we arrived on Friday around 2pm the convention had already been going on for a few hours already, and we were kind of baffled and confused on where to go when we got here there were no signs present on where we were to go to pick up our badges for the convention, I believe it was a few hours even after our confusion that it took for signs to be placed in the halls showing where everything was located.

This year the vacancy of the convention was high, Friday night there was not that big of a crowd that had shown up even going into Saturday when that is typically the busiest day for most conventions since there is more panels and can have an earlier start time for all of the events. It also could just be my perception though with how big the convention center actually is compared the how many people that were here.

A good note though is there were quite more vendors in the dealers room this year compared to last year it was nice to see more here willing to give Wasabi a try again so sell their wares. I actually saw a good variety of items this year too not too many vendors had repeated inventory which tends to happen quite often I’ve noticed on my con ventures over the years. A downside I found this year was a lack of things to do around the convention that peaked my interest we found a few good food places nearby and had sushi one of the days but yeah other than that not too much out here besides the hotel itself within walking distance. I like going to the conventions downtown there is so much to do over there on top of the convention itself.

I think another reason why Animeland Wasabi was lackluster this year on attendees would definitely have to probably be past reputation of the convention since 2013 I would like to say when things had started to go downhill for the convention with just really bad circumstances every year, I remember the years before it was the go to convention for anime and video games besides the bigger Nan Desu Kan that takes place in September. I’m hoping that they are able to come back from the bad reputation it’s had the past 4 years and it becomes great again, I will be honest I will be sad if they stopped running but I know also that it is also a business and needs to make money to be able to run.

I honestly whole heartedly don’t think I can recommend Animeland Wasabi. I didn’t have a bad experience personally but I just didn’t have fun this year there and that’s the biggest thing for me personally, I mean if I’m seeing it this way who’s to say I’m not the only one that does. I really hope that it does get better next year and the years in the future the ambience was very lackluster this year and not as exciting as it had been in years passed. Here’s to a wonderful better future Animeland Wasabi, cheers.

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