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Animeland 2015 Review


In the Colorado Anime Community this particular convention has a very divided opinion among many of the regular Convention Attendees. Some people love this con and attend every year, and some of them seem to just hate it, finding every reason to say they will never attend again. Part of this may be due to the fact that this particular convention has yet to really find a place where it belongs. It is constantly changing Venues and with these changes come new hotel staff to deal with. There have been years where the Hotel itself has been great, but the Hotel Staff were just awful, or even years where both the Hotel AND Staff were great. Many people just can’t handle the inconsistency in the presentation of the convention. For every detractor though you will find just as many people who show up and have fun no matter what, and that is part of why I like the Anime convention scene.

Animeland returned again for 2015 but this year, for the first time, they were partnered with another Convention runner as their Financial Backer, Sukoshi-con who is known for running small Anime conventions in various cities throughout the southeast.


This year the convention had a much smaller hotel than any previous year I have attended, which disappointed many people because it was basically just 4 rooms, a lobby, and a hallway connecting it all. The Con was very cramped at about 2000 people attending over the weekend, so moving around became fairly difficult due to this. Now I will admit that if it wasn’t for the snowstorm that was dropped upon us shortly before and during the con, it might not have been so crowded inside. Most of the photoshoots ended up being done in the Lobby due to the freezing temperatures and and people did not want to venture out due to an extensive number of cosplays that did not offer any protection against the cold.

As was the rest of the con, the Artist Alley and Dealers Room were both scaled back in size as well. The Artist Alley itself was filled to the edges with people selling their wares, but the demand for tables must have been pretty extensive because the hallway outside was also lines with tables along the walls.The Dealers room was fairly varied in content and much of the merchandise was reasonably prices as well. Several of the figures i had been keeping my eye on online were available for an equal or lesser price compared to places like Amazon or Ebay, and that’s not taking into account shipping charges online. The Artist Alley was full off all kinds of different crafts including drawings, Hats, Stickers, Key-chains, Pins, Buttons, and tons more. Artists Alley always tends to bring some very interesting items to any convention and this year was no different.

Unfortunately due to some logistical issue we were unable to attend the Cosplay Contest this year, but wanted to take the time to congratulate everyone who participated, and i hope next year we will be able to cover it more extensively. We were also unable to obtain any interviews with Guests this year due to a change in policy by the Sukoshi-con management regarding interviews with Convention Guests.

It was confirmed that in 2016 Animeland would be splitting from Sukoshi-con for 2016. They will now be two separate entities operating their own conventions in 2016. So i guess we have 1 more anime convention coming to Denver starting next year. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Overall I had fun myself, but this year was another reminder that Animeland has a lot of work to do if they want to earn back the respect that they have lost from much of the community due to issues involving a lack of communication, poor preparation, and a glaring habit of hoping things will go away if they ignore them.

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