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An Interview with Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic

Long before I took over this site, I had the opportunity to do an email interview with Doug Walker, aka ‘Nostalgia Critic’. Recently, Doug has decided to hang up his tie and hat in order to focus on a new project called “Demo Reel”. Now, I want to go on the record about something…Doug has saved my site twice now and I am indebted to him for it. How did he, you might ask? Well, originally this site was on Channel Awesome’s servers and due to a bout of miscommunication on the former CEO’s part, the webmaster Mike Michaud was going to delete this site from his server after a set amount of time. When attempting to fix the problem, I was met with a dead end. So, as a last act of desperation, I reached out to the one person I hoped could grant me a “stay of execution” and that was Doug. Though he preferred to remain outside of matters like this, he nevertheless intervened and my site’s deletion was put on hold long enough for us to transfer to a new server and bring you the awesomeness that is Broken Analog. So in reality, all you see here is due to Doug’s intervention and I am forever grateful for that. So…now you people know the truth. Anyway, this is the email interview I did with him. Doug’s responses will be in red, with my questions in blue. Enjoy!

1. What movie or event in your life inspired you to become the Nostalgia Critic?

For awhile, around late high school/early college, I got really into seeing all the old stuff I grew up with. I, like a lot of people, were shocked to see they didn’t hold up as well as I thought when I was a kid. I always found it funny what a change there was between childhood perception and adult perception and I found out a lot of other people felt that way too. So I thought it’d be funny if there was a character who really hated the idea, like his childhood betrayed him somehow. Thus the Nostalgia Critic was born.

2. On average, how long does it take to make a single “episode” of the Nostalgia Critic?

About a week.

3. Do you have a background in video/editing? If so, from where?

I went to Northern Illinois University studying film and majoring in Communication Arts. I thought I wanted to be a film maker, but the idea of going to that sick and twisted world known as Hollywood scared me too much, so I started posting videos online. At first it was just for fun, now it’s my living.

4. Besides being the Nostalgia Critic, what else is your current profession? (NOTE: You don’t have to tell me where you work or anything, just what you do.)

I was originally an illustrator/designer, but now this is my full time work.

5. How many people are involved in the making of an episode?

Usually just me. When there are other people, it’s usually my brother Rob or my producer Bargo (both for writing, filming, and acting).

6. Do you plan on getting your own theme song or do you prefer to remain unique?

If it was on TV, yes, but uploading time for many people takes awhile, and to have them sit through a song when all they want is the video is tough. So probably not.

7. What is your favorite genre of movies?

I guess dark comedies/dramas.

8. What is your all-time favorite movie?

Brazil by Terry Gilliam.

9. What is your most HATED movie, and why?

The worst movie I ever saw was Manos: the Hands of Fate, but the one I hate the most is probably something like Nell or Moulan Rouge, I hate films that think they’re daring and artistic but they’re simply just pretentious.

10. How often do you try to get back to your fans?

I’m really behind. If it’s a question I try to answer right away, but I find I’m getting worse and worse as more come in. I have over 300 I haven’t looked at yet. Sorry guys, I still love ya.

11. What are your plans for the future?

We really want to see how far we can push the boundaries of online entertainment. It’s becoming bigger and bigger and we plan to ride the wave.



Okay, let me explain this section. I asked about 20 of my friends(IRL and Online) who are huge fans of yours what they would want to ask you if they ever met you in person. Only 5 of them made the cut.(The other questions were…well…let’s just say they were kinda “awkward”.) So, here they are:

My buddy Larry asks: Is that gun you have real?

No, it’s a pellet gun with the orange tip painted black. When I travel with it I have to put a big sign on it that says “Not Real!”

My brother Nico asks: Are you and the AVGN(Rolfe) friends in real life?

I wouldn’t say close friends, but yeah, we had similar childhoods and similar senses of humor, so we get along really well.

I ask: Are you a gamer and are you on: XBOX Live? Playstation Network? Nintendo Wii?

I’m just going to say no, I’m not a gamer. I just got a Wii and play every once in awhile, but it is rare. I played a lot when I was younger (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, local arcades) but nowadays I just don’t have the time.

My friend Sarah asks: Did people REALLY make fun of you when the Nicktoon “Doug” came out and do they still do?(NOTE: That was the first video of yours that she watched and now she is completely hooked on your reviews. I can make her laugh, but you made her laugh so hard she cried….kudos to you, good sir.)

Sadly yes. Every once in awhile when I tell people my name they start humming the theme song. One gunshot wound later they often regret doing so.

Thanks everyone for your questions and being such great fans!

Doug Walker

If you want to see more of Doug and his talented crew, simply visit his website That Guy With The Glasses!

Credit for the featured image goes to DeviantArt user WordLife316.

Until next episode…

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