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HYBRID MONTH – Alundra Review

Alundra. The title alone brings wonder and mystery to anyone that reads it and then once the game is opened we are offered an explosive cinematic of destruction, mayhem, fights with dragons and monsters and what seems to be the meeting of a very attractive female companion. There’s an abundance of excitement and adventure already filling the heart and mind and the game hasn’t even hit the title screen yet. Being pumped, excited and ready to play there’s nothing left to do now but press start and enter a world full of wonder.

Sadly thats where the excitement ends. The story is a rather stock standard one. You’re a boy who finds out he’s a chosen prophecy child that can save the world from the dark end and while this has worked in so many other titles, in this story it felt stale and washed out. It’s not all bad though and there is a glimmer of hope. The sets for dungeons arent exactly your typical run of the mill cave in the woods. As the chosen protector your magical powers grant you the ability to enter peoples minds. As you progress through the game there will be people having terrible nightmares and its up to you to restore things to normal. This shakes things up a bit and makes things slightly more interesting but not enough to keep me enthralled even as the story continued.

The gameplay mechanics are smooth and very easy to use. There is no visible lag or load whatsoever and the way the character moves, picks up objects and fights all flows quite nicely making the game feel a lot less clunky than its predecessors. Very rarely were there points of finding your character getting stuck walking around a table or through a wall. The puzzle systems that appear throughout the game also work very well and came to be a challenge as the game progressed. The run animation was a tad troublesome at times and a little hard and annoying to control but overall it felt nice to play.

As for the games style it looks very nice. Some places are bright and cheerful whereas others are dank and cold and the colors and style of settings fit in perfectly with each location. Everything was smooth and felt well rounded and polished but that’s to be expected from a title that looks like it was made for the Sega Genesis. Although the jump was made to a newer and better console, it doesnt feel as if any risks were taken to enhance the experience visually. Things almost look exactly the same but slightly better. Alone its a fantastic looking game but it feels as if there could have been more done.

The music and sounds seemed to capture every moment perfectly. The towns music made me feel pumped and ready for adventure and the dreams were mysterious and interesting. The soundtrack overall was very well done and made scenarios feel that much more in depth. Its hard to find anything bad when it comes to the music as its always an RPG’s strong suit. The music always hightens the effects and emotions felt by player and character making it a much more enjoyable experience.

With a passion for adventure be ready to take on this world and the many others that present itself within this game. With enthralling sound and gameplay mechanics, fun puzzles and many different places to explore, Alundra proved to be an interesting game and was actually kind of fun even with the chosen one defeating the evil guy storyline. Even so there was still that need and feeling to keep playing the game and it slowly grew to be an enjoyable experience. With this title now being available on PSN players new and old can enjoy this game once more. I give this title a 6.5/10

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