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All hail the mighty Creator!

While Doodle God is ideal for a mobile platform, it is available on the Steam market place and much like other mobile games that are on the Steam market, it is a free to play game. Of course there are micro transactions much like any F2P, however with Doodle God you don’t have to use them. This game is designed to make you think and toy around with elements, materials and life forms to create various other life forms, materials and so forth.



Doodle God is a tap style puzzle game, that is solely based on serendipity, or the accidental discovery of new items or completely different items from the materials you were given. And as you stumble through the first phase, the creation of life, you are challenged to create various items to sustain life. There are four phases that you have to creep your way through, unlocking various sequences of life, tools, technologies and eventually magic. Yes, you can create various forms of magic, demigods, mythical creatures like the mighty Phoenix.doodle god 3

It is artistically crafted, bright vibrant backgrounds, the art work of your creations are fine examples of, well doodle, and the interaction of the back ground is unique, allowing you to see the world you create as you create it. This now brings me to my next topic.

While I may not agree on the platform variant that I had the chance to meddle with, I will admit that this game was something I would enjoy on the go, there is no need to micro manage troops or supplies; you are simply set out to create as you see fit. However, in your quest of creation you will see multiples of items being created as you tap or click your way through the creation process. Do not let this deter you from this game though, it will challenge you mentally as you pick your brain and the brains around you to constantly progress forward in your quest of creation.5


Since it’s initial release on June 11, 2010 Doodle God has undergone some serious changes, both graphically and gameplay wise. The team at JoyBits have put some time and effort in creating this fantastic game that allows you to both slay time and challenge your brain.Doodle God is available now for both Android, Playstation Vita, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Windows Phone and Adobe Flash Player. Doodle God rates a solid 8 out of 10, and I would highly recommend the mobile version for those boring days at the doctors office or standing in line at the DMV.

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