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Alien Rage – Unlimited: PC Review


Alien Rage is one of those FPS games that looks cool. While the art direction is sort of generic, people like that kind of thing. Gears of War is an ugly game with the color brown being the real enemy and not the locusts. Alien Rage – Unlimited is colored with silver, blue, and orange. Among those colors we have a bunch of explosions, a small variety of weapons, aliens and robots all wanting to kill you. Needless to say, this game has a nice feeling to it and it fits perfectly in the Steam Library.

You play as a sarcastic gruff space marine that has infiltrated an alien structure that is aimed at killing all of the humans on the planet. With the joking aside in the beginning of the game, the atmosphere is kind of cool. The game does a really nice of of blending the mood of the game with the gameplay. In a way, it feels like this game is more suited to be played in an arcade cabinet. Just how the game flows and presents itself gives off this aura of arcade feelings.

The gameplay is standard FPS, regenerating health and all. However, the sheer amount of bullets flying around and how often the enemies move, you rarely get a chance to hide behind a wall and recover health. The AI has been created in such a way that if you remain in one area too long, they will flank you. This is the moment where I find regenerating health forgivable, because the game is still challenging and presents itself differently among the competitors.

Much like the good old days of Shadow Warrior and Painkiller. This is a game you aim for the high score by completing the levels the fastest and collecting all the secrets. The combat is fast paced and hectic. Certain enemies explode and it causes environments to explode thus creating a chain of explosions. Then it starts to give you more and more points. The high score system adds to the arcade feeling the game throws in your face. This isn’t a game to play hardcore, its a game that offers a challenge and is very refreshing to play considering how different it is compared to other FPS titles.

The weapons are few, but they are very different from one another. They all have a secondary fire that use the same ammo so being sparing with it is key. You are rewarded when you get “streaks” killing multiple people with explosions, melee, and headshots. What is the point of this system though? Well, you get perks as you collect more points. These are used to give you more ammo or resistances. They are very well balanced and do not break the game. The scaling difficulties are balanced as well. Which is surprising considering how hard in a majority of shooters just adds bullet tracking.

The level design is linear due to the arcade-like presentation and the art style is rather generic. The combat is good and the finer elements of the development are solid. It suffers from replay value and the multiplayer isn’t very good. While the game has some great classic FPS elements but with a lack of replay value and content, the game falls short. I give Alien Rage – Unlimited for PC a 7/10. You can get it on Steam now.

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